Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: The Year in Review

Wow. Tomorrow is already 2009. Looking back on my running calendar, I ran about 850 miles last year. That's a couple of hundred less than 2007, but I was light on the mileage January - March, experiencing post-marathon plantar fasciitis. Then, throughout training for this Fall's marathon, I have notations on my calendar of hip pain, hip PAIN, and HIP PAIN!!!!!!!!! So, I'm pretty happy to be heading into 2009 relatively pain free and ready to run.

Here are pictures from last year's Cobweb Chaser on January 1, 2008 (you didn't think I actually earned bib #1, did you?)

Here's a quick rundown of this year's races (besides the Wednesday night zoo runs from April-October):
Cobweb Chaser 5k 1-1-08
Bird Lovers' 10k 2-9-08
Alamo Heights 10k 3-1-08
St. Patrick's Day 5k 3-8-08
Casa 5k 3-22-08
Susan Komen Race for the Cure 5k 3-29-08
University of the Incarnate Word 5k 4-13-08
Fiesta Mission 10k 4-19-08
Fiesta Fandango ~2.6mi 4-26-08
Beach to Bay Marathon Relay 5-17-08
Police Officers' Memorial 5k 5-24-08
Lawyers' Have Heart 10k (DC) 6-14-08
Carrabbas Half Marathon Relay 6-21-08
Freedom 4 miler 7-4-08
Chupacabras de la noche night trail run 7-18-08
Women's Run 5k 7-19-08
Sunrise 10k 8-23-08
Labor Day Whine Run 5 miler 9-1-08
Zoo Relay 8 miler 9-12-08
Run to Break the Silence 5k 9-27-08
Soler Missions Half Marathon 10-11-08
Ragnar 184 mile 2 day relay 10-24-08 through 10-25-08
Raul Jimenez Feast of the Heart 5k 11-1-08
Rock N Roll San Antonio Marathon 11-16-08
SABF Courthouse 4 miler 11-22-08
O'Connor Choir 10k 11-29-08
SARR 10 Mission 10 miler 12-7-08
Reindeer 5k run 12-13-08

Not a bad year, but hopefully next year will be even better! Next up: Cobweb Chaser Jan 1 @ 10 a.m. (not usually anyone's fastest)
Happy New Year!

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gretchen said...

Let me just say WOW!! You run a lot of races. What a year! What's your resolution in 09--52 races?
I hope your holidays were great.