Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It has been awhile

Well, many things have happened, and I became a little overwhelmed.  But, I am back and can tell you the following:

1.  My 91 y/o house probably won't fall down in the next year or so. But, my fingers are crossed.
2.  Stabbing myself every week in the thigh is really awful - but the ER has magnetic tweezers to recover broken needles under the skin.  That was kind of cool and terrifying at the same time. And, overall, my back pain is semi-manageable.
3.  And many other things that I don't need to write.  Mostly, my running has gone to heck, but I've run 3 half marathons in the past 60 days.  Because, sometime in the past 2 years, I decided that was a good plan to run 13.1 miles repeatedly without training.  And, believe me, I have produced MANY ugly race pics.  And, I'm back to make more.

So, maybe it is a good plan to just run a bunch of half marathons.  I'm joining the board of an organization that I love and have fundraised for in the past -Girls on the Run of San Antonio.  Do you think you could help me fundraise for them this year to the tune of about $3,000 if I run 12 half marathons in 12 months?  I promise that if I do, I will post every ugly race pic along the way.

Here's an introductory ugly race pic from last weekend's Superbowl 7k (credit: Andrew Patterson). 

After overtime and a 10k I somehow signed up for this weekend, I'll try to set up the GOTR fundraising site (tax deductible for any contributor) and start finding my ugly race pics from the first HM of the year - RNR New Orleans.  Trust me, it was untrained and ugly.  Next up, Alamo City Run Fest half marathon, February 22.  Just drop me a comment or message if you think you could donate a few bucks toward this fundraising before I run a bunch of untrained half marathons willy nilly.  Oh, wait, I'm likely going to do that anyway, but I'd love the support.