Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wounded Warrior

I ran the Wounded Warrior 17.2ish mile run on Saturday from New Braunfels to Canyon Lake.  Man, that was a TOUGH run.  First, I awoke later than I wanted and had to rush out the door.  On the hour drive to Canyon Lake, I shoved down a peanut bar thing, coffee, and water.  Upon arrival, I boarded a bus for the 17.2ish mile ride to New Braunfels (downhill ride).  Then, at the starting line, I waited.  And waited. And got rained on. And waited. 

Finally, we started an hour late and my stomach was already growling.  Not good when I know I have 3 hours or so of road in front of me.  I was already sucking down honey gel things at the first water stop.  And the road was REALLY banked too - I had to run along the center line until a car would come, then veer over to the left side's severe slant, but there was no way that I could run that distance on that severe of a slant - it just hurts.

So, the first 12-14 miles were not too bad, but then the sun came out, and I realized the whole run was on an upgrade, with dips that resembled downhills.  And my calves became ANGRY, but they did not fully cramp (thank goodness).  So here, around mile 14/15, I took some UGLY race pics.  Really, these are craptastically ugly.  Excellent.  And, when you are running as slowly as I was at that point, the photographer can capture every ugly moment!

Gotta love those profile shots while heading downhill, fighting cramps, and facing another 3ish miles. 

At least I was looking strong at the finish.

But I could not leave it without a freaky "man, I'm a tired zombie chicken" pose

Wow, that hurt.  Almost as much as the hour-long payback by my calves on the drive home.
Thanks to Hill Country Rambling for the pics
For the rest of the Brak Pak, check out this.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Missing Flat Parts

These are some leftover pics from the Whine Run on September 7. Ironically, THAT was a very hilly race and here are some pictures of me in the (one and only) flat part. I will likely not see any flat parts on Saturday's Wounded Warrior 17.2ish mile race.

Thanks to Hill Country Rambling

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tara's Terrible Tri Pics

I have not yet had a guest here on Ugly Race Pics, but I recently received an email from a buddy, offering up some terrible tri pics.

Now, some years ago in college, this buddy of mine convinced me to attend Army Basic Camp with her - "it will be fun," she said. Well, it was and it wasn't and, long story short, I ended up in uniform for several years and I blame it ALL ON HER! (Kidding - I don't really).

So, anyway, this can be a bit of payback - here are Tara's Terrible Tri Pics in the Women's Triathlon last weekend!

First, the swim. Nice try, Tara, but that does not make the Ugly Race Pic cut. My tips for next time - close your eyes, flail your arms, and do your best to imitate a chicken.

For the bike, Tara got better. Nothing like the action shot of slurping on a Gu!And for the run, I will have to give Tara an Ugly Race Pic honorable mention. Good job partially closing the eyes and sticking out the tongue, but the running form still looks solid. So, you should work on slouching over or splaying your extremities in different directions for an interesting effect!

I will do my best to show you these tips in action at the Wounded Warrior Run (17.2ish miles of hills) from the New Braunfels VFW to the Canyon Lake VFW this Saturday.

Thanks to Tara for the allegedly 'Ugly' Tri pics!

Thanks and apologies to Capstone Photography.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Um, more running

Last night was the 25th 'Animal' (annual) Zoo Relay. The Brak Pak Chiks ran a solid race on the slick course in a mild drizzle. Brak Pak actually had two photographer/runners out there, so pictures should follow. This morning, I volunteered to herd kiddos for the Kids' Zoo Run, and then checked out the critters, including the black leopards, then hit the farmers' market.

Luckily, nobody captured any 'action' shots of me during the Whine Run on Labor Day (and that would have been truly ugly). Here are some fine ugly race finish pics from the Whine Run, though.

WHAT? are you kidding me?

Did I walk that or run that? But then, there were HILLS.
Ah well, *strike a zombie chicken hybrid pose*

Next up, a nice, easy 13 miler in the morning.
Thanks to Hill Country Rambling for the zombie chicken pics

Thursday, September 10, 2009

25th 'Animal' Zoo Relay Run

Next up:

Brak Pak Chiks will be running this 4 x 2 mile (8 mile) relay, 'competing' in the women's open category on Friday night. Then, we will Brak Pak BBQ.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Check out this guy totally bogarting my ugly race pic at the 5 mile Whine Run today! More later, after I ice some parts.

Thanks to Tom Lake for the almost ugly race pic - it's the best I have looked in awhile!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Can't Wait to Sleep

Next ups:

Tonight - First Friday Cruiser Ride along the River/downtown/King William

Tomorrow morning - 18 miles (in a row)

Monday - 5 miles of hills at:

That 18- miler is going to be tough - I am trying not to think about it. Folks ask how we can run in the hot temperatures (although we have returned to double digits). Liquids are a must - so, we have water stops along the way. For instance, this route will take us past the Rainbow Liquor store, the Hawthorne Suites Riverwalk, Firestations #4, #13, & #16, La Quinta, Casbeer's at the Church (hose outside), Sunset Station, the Marriott Riverwalk, the Riverwalk Museum Reach boat locks (bathroom/sink), and The Pearl Brewery. That last stop is the best, because the water in the bubbler (drinking fountain) is ice cold and there are only 2 miles to go to the park to drink something more delicious.

And then I sleep.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

El Jalapeno Feo

At the Jalapeno del Sol 10k trail run, I gave you the zombie look, the crazy chicken, the blue steel. Oh wait, not that last one. And now, I give you downright ugly! In photography class, I learned if you shoot up at a subject, it makes the subject appear larger. This is a good technique for shooting buildings, but is just scary for a certain ugly-race-pic-taking sometimes trail runner:

Love those action shots. And didn't I tell you that this was not such an easy trail to run?

How do I run that in the dark? That's right - I fall.

And, of course, you have to have the final parting upward shots - including a close up. UGLY. Love it.

Thanks to Hill Country Rambling for making me look even larger!