Sunday, March 16, 2014

Donovan's 5k (St. Patty's run)

It was a bit drizzly this morning, and then there were the superstar Army Kenyan runners - those are my excuses for not winning today.  Seriously?  This (his actual chip time was 16:01 - after starting in the back and passing strollers, dogs, and Sallys) is probably the best damn excuse I've formulated:

I think he finished before we started...

 Above is a Sally sandwich.  Below is the landing of the crazy running chicken

I think I devolved to prancercizing at this point. But, there was beer to cure that..

And though we ran (far) behind the Kenyans and did not die (always my goal).  My medal is a special invisible one that even the Kenyans did not receive (for 8th, 9th, or 12th place, wherever I settled in F 40-44).

Did not die.  Did not fall down.  Did not finish last. I'm good with that these days.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Diary of a really terrible trail runner

I'm not very good at running trails.  Scratch that - I downright stink at running trails.  I simply cannot sustain concentration while simultaneously picking up my feet to make it to the finish without falling -- almost every time.  So, a self-aware runner would avoid running trails, no?  No.  Bring on the Prickly Pear 10 mile trail run.

Historically, this race ALWAYS has cruddy weather.  This year was probably the best, but it did heavy drizzle on us for the last hour or so (and get cold).  I am still bruised from my fall at Big Bend in January - so I was running this course very cautiously and downright fraid-y. 

Here's the start - where I'm trying not to look escared and afeared.  (Don'tfalldon'tfalldon'tfall)

Cue the starting gun - and the crazy running chicken prepares for take off
And makes it to about mile 8, when the rain starts and the almost-falls start (don'tfalldon'tfalldon'tfall) - and there was about 5 pounds of mud on my shoes.  But, I caught up to Bob, who was hiking it in (fast hike - Bob hiked the mountains of Peru last June), so I figured I would just hike it in with Bob and NOT FALL. 

We totally stuck this synchronized finish.  So, I told Bob that next time, I get to beat him...
Oh, yeah, Bob turned 71 this week....
Afterward, it was a chilly and muddy celebration with Alamo Beer.

And I did NOT fall.  But, I'm still a really terrible trail runner.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Catching up - again

So, I'm still not familiar with this inflammatory arthritis thing - but IA and I are really not getting along.  I guess it is called a 'flare,' from what I have researched and written about sick and disabled people with RA/AS/IA/etc.for work - and I do not consider myself among that group of folks - until last week. 

Last week was bad.  Last week I didn't run, and it took me almost three hours and 45 minutes in the hottest shower I could manage to get to work one day.  While I was trying to get to work with my back sounding like a bag of popcorn in the microwave, I finally realized I am one of those sick people and, even though I ignore pain - there is a point where it finally tackles you.  So, crap, this makes me angry - better just keep running - but this 'flare' stuff does NOT amuse me.

So - back to last weekend - I ran the Revenge of the Nerds 5k.  My back was angry, but my buddy/race director, LauraC, really did a really nice job on this race.

 So, you are over my whining and the posed pics?  And ready for the ugly race pics....well, here you go  FRAME BY FRAME:

I'm pretty sure I crushed that guy's dream of being 9ish or 12ish or wherever I finished in the Female, 40-49 AG.  And I'm pretty sure the Russian judge gave me more points for artistic impression at the finish.  Those ice skaters were amazing - but they did not need to hit their Garmin mid-trick, so I should get at least one extra point.

Now, I'm going to go back to trying to ignore my damn back - or I'll just attack it like this

(self-defense class on Saturday night - poor girl that was my 'attacker')

Thanks to Ceci, Dulce, Michele, and Red for the pics (hope I'm not forgetting anyone).  Red took most of the finish-line pics, which are really funny in motion.