Monday, September 29, 2008

Not so bad, actually

The title refers to this weekend's runs, NOT the picture. It's pretty bad:

But, the NOCC 5k felt good and was a nice, flat course, so I came in 3rd female 30-39. Here's the Brak Pak contingent at the end (I hadn't gotten my shiny medal yet - I love shiny medals).

Sunday's 18 miles also went pretty well. I'm not saying they were fun, but I managed to run them all without pain shooting down my left leg. I think Friday's massage helped a lot. Unfortunately, after running 18, I got home and couldn't quite keep my eyes open for the dumb Packers game that we should have won.


gretchen said...

You are part raccoon--liking shiny medals and all. No wonder Rocky was your buddy.

Anonymous said...

Great job!