Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Run/bike, drink beer, eat seafood, sleep, repeat

Yep, that was pretty much the theme of my semi-non-productive weekend.  And, while I only managed to work on the front yard, and my house is a bit of a mess, I think there's nothing wrong with that. For now at least - it caused a pain in my pocketbook and knee, but it was highly satisfying.

First off, there was the Police Officers' Memorial 5k on Saturday, followed by eating the weight of my head in ceviche.   Sunday morning, I woke up, biked my errands - including hitting the Stadium to flyer cars for upcoming races, the Post Office, Red Box, and HEB before chowing some fish kabobs and trying to straighten up the front yard.  Then, I hit my buddies' house for some libations and seafood with friends.

Then, there was vacation Monday.  Which meant getting up early for the Terrell Hills City Manager's 5k.  This was a free, casual, fun run - which meant no awards/official timing/frills, but did include a t-shirt and fun group of over 80 folks going for a run.  I had announced my intent to take it easy, so my friend, Scotty dog, offered to keep me honest - and I ran with him on his 8 min run/2 min walk schedule.  (However, he is more speedy then he lets on, and his 8 minute run pace is not my 'easy trot.'  Furthermore, his watch, by which run/walk intervals are timed, is EVIL and never beeps to walk on uphills - it only beeps when we crest a hill and coast down - now walking!)  But, we had some great fun taking pics of the runners and lovely houses along the route:

Pre-race - wondering if, due to the absence of port-a-potties, we could ring the bell at these houses and ask to use the loo?

Okay, we really didn't do that - nor did we pee in their bushes.  This was a respectable group of runners and these were the beautiful houses along the route. Speaking of along the route - here are some pics...
 Scotty dog taking pics on the first walk break
 and taking off, because his watch probably figured there were uphills ahead....
 I like this 'city' within the San Antonio limits and do much of my marathon training here - the "Terrible" hills of Terrell Hills are awful, but the streets are nice and wide, and the drivers are generally not as insane as those in Alamo Heights and Olmos Park.

At the finish, each of us got a 'called out' time from the timing guy and a heartfelt handshake and thanks from the Terrell Hills Police Chief for coming out to run. 

(pic from Scotty with Laura, Scotty, and me).  Post-race refreshments included neither seafood nor beer (bananas and water), so I headed home and broiled myself some fish kabobs and took a nap. 

Then, after ignoring household chores, I headed out to run a 2-mile time trial with the Muertitos in Leon Valley (yep, another city that is surrounded by San Antonio).  [Side note to you San Antonio folks - those of us not from here think that's weird to have pocket cities within the city.]

Anyway, my legs (and especially knee) were feeling rough, but it was fun to run a casual 2-mile race.  By casual, Ceci - the 'organizer' and my other photographer - issued bibs, used computer timing to post results, and fotog'ed.  Yep, they didn't have all that in the morning!  Anyway, here are the 2nd race of the day pics:

and then, I went home, broiled some scallops and ate them with a lovely Shiner Red Robin summer brew.  And SLEPT.  (after I showered, of course)

I'd like to thank the Scotty dog, myself, and Ceci for the pics.

You can check out Scotty's full report at http://www.runnersworld.com/community/forums/runner-communities/beginners/report-photos-terrell-hills-5k-fun-run-walk/.0
 You can check out Ceci's Dia de los Muertos Run & Training Group at http://www.diadelosmuertosrun.com/
And you can find me going to bed early all week because I'm beat.  And this next weekend will be even crazier.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Police Officers' Memorial 5k

On Saturday, I ran the humid Police Officers' Memorial 5k in Brackenridge Park.  This was a poignant run, since a Bexar County Deputy was gunned down the night before.  After the run, there were plenty of ice cold beverages.
Here I am, enjoying one with Scotty Dog (thanks for the pics, Scott!)

And chillin' with the Brak Pak crew

and here, for the record, I am NOT getting arrested by the cop...

After the run, I headed to Groomer's Seafood (my new most favorite place) and bought some post-race ceviche (which I immmediately chowed), scallops, and fish kabobs. 

This morning, I decided to bike all my errands - and then I'm heading out to a buddy's place for more seafood.  Tomorrow morning is the Terrell Hills City Manager's 5k, which I'm running easy with my buddy and photographer, Scotty.  Tomorrow night is the Muertitos 2 mile time trial.  And then, it's back to work.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Beach to Bay Marathon Relay

Okay, I'm sorry.  I must confess, I don't think this pic is that bad.  In my defense, it was at the beginning of my run, and I hadn't gotten my ugly race pic on.  I swear I looked MUCH uglier at the end of my leg and in the ensuing mile or so.

But I TRIED to take an ugly race pic. First, I forgot my practically bullet-proof running bra and was running in a regular stretchy bra (ouch). Then, I was up until midnight, waiting for my 5th leg runner (the one who went to the wrong exchange point).  Then, I was searching the parking lot for Gary at 5:50 a.m., who drove in at 4 a.m. and slept in his truck.  Then, I was 'sirened' by a cop for going too SLOWLY over the bridge (behind other cars) to drop Alexis off.  Then, I unapologetically used the McDonald's bathroom without buying anything.  Then, I waited. And, at this point, I didn't know that, 5 miles away, I had nobody to whom to hand off.  So, really, it's a fantasy pic, as I thought that my tatas can make it through the run and, in 5 miles, I was done.  No such luck.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Almost famous again again again?

Well, kinda, but I'll take the fame where I can get it -

lookie here (you have to scroll down - the Mayor got top billing)

and there I am on the last running tour of downtown.  Then, scroll down a little further and register to run the Brackenridge Park historic running tour on Thursday evening with me.

Solar Fest 5k

I didn't think there were pics lurking out there for this one, but sure enough - they were.  Thanks to Solar San Antonio for the pic which proves that I don't ALWAYS look like a crazy running chicken (such as the first few steps of the race)
and then, checking out efficient cars

Monday, May 23, 2011

Vivan los muertitos

Well, tonight, I ran with the Muertitos training group - and a lot of folks from R.U.N.  We had a hot 4 miler - and here's the after pics (thanks, Ceci!)

straight cheesy

Beach to Bay Marathon Relay

Well, this year was tough and hot.  Especially since I ran the 4th leg on the Naval Air Station and my 5th leg runner was not at the exchange point.  Eek.  But then, we got to enjoy the beach - here's before the race

and dinner with buddies from work - who, with the exception of Alexis, just came down to party (not a bad idea at all, really).  More pics will follow.  Here's the race report from the Corpus Christi Caller Times

Beach to Bay Relay Marathon: More feet, more street, more heat

CORPUS CHRISTI — Among the multitude gathered at the 36th Beach to Bay Relay Marathon finish, many runners talked about heat and suffering.

"I was dying," said Garrett Gregory, 29, of Lubbock. "This town is hot."

It was 79 degrees for the 7 a.m. race, which because of flooded beaches started on Park Road 22 on Padre Island. The 90 percent humidity made it feel like 83 degrees.

"I was hurting bad," Gregory's teammate, Thomas Adams, 22, agreed.

Runners dropped every few minutes from dehydration and heat exhaustion beginning about 7:45 a.m., with half a dozen down at the same time on Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, medical staff confirmed. One runner collapsed at the finish line about 11:15 a.m. and was carried by fellow runners and medical workers to an ambulance.

By noon the downtown temperature was 84, with humidity of 61 percent making it feel like 90.

In all, seven people were taken to the hospital.

Corpus Christi Fleet Feet Elite won for the second time in three years with a finish time about 9 minutes faster than last year at 2 hours, 17 minutes and 34 seconds.

There were 2,575 teams this year. That's 219 more teams than last year for an additional 1,314 runners.

That's a lot of feet as one volunteer learned on Saturday. Eric Willingham, 14, a student at John Paul II High School, sat watch over a killdeer's nest for more than two hours to keep it from being trampled near the foot of JFK Bridge.

Organizers of the 36th Beach to Bay Relay Marathon estimate that with runners, their family members, volunteers, sponsors and visitors from McGee Beach as many as 25,000 people packed McCaughan Park for the event's after party.

The only glitch in the new location was organizers finding they only had about 10 amps of electricity at McCaughan Park.

"That's about enough for a vacuum cleaner and microwave without blowing a fuse," said race director Doug McBee Jr. "We brought in a big diesel generator at the last minute."

He expects the new finish location to be permanent.

"We're not going back to Cole Park. It's better finishing along the seawall, but we will go back to the beach to start. Mother Nature just bit us this year."

Monday, May 16, 2011


My friend and frequent fotog, Ceci, is directing the inaugural Dia de los Muertos 8k in October. (It's going to be COOL!)  Until then, she is hosting a muertitos training group on Mondays, running some of the new trails along the Leon Valley greenway.  So, I met up with los muertitos tonight and enjoyed a nice 4.5 mile run.

It'll be fun to run with these folks and change up my Monday routine.  Viven los muertitos?  That just doesn't sound right.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Culinaria 5k WINE run

Yep, guess what attracted me to this run?  Well, it wasn't the location, necessarily.  I am not a shopper and do not go to malls.  Yet, because of this run, I hit two of the big SA malls in the past two days for the first time - the Rim (packet pickup) and the shops at La Cantera (run location).  It was a good location, though, since the run drew 1,370 runners.  So, I finally settled back into my 5k pace and cut a couple of minutes off my (lately) finish times.  And then, there was the wine...

Next up, Beach to Bay, baby.  Thanks to Scottydog for the pics!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday night zoo run

Tonight I ran beforehand - then marshaled

then ran behind everyone for the course.  then enjoyed a cold beverage

the posed with my fotog, Ceci (and Jim's dog, Juno - Jim's in the back with Gargamel and Jazz, wishing he had his little dog back).

and the #1 and #3 dog finishers

thanks to Ceci for the pics!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Acting like a tourist

This morning, I took a running tour of downtown, hosted by the San Antonio Office of Historial Preservation.  I love these tours.  Our guide, Bruce, was very knowledgeable about architecture and history - and historical gossip.  So, today, one thing I learned was that 'Alamo' is Spanish for 'cottonwood.'  I also learned that Emily Morgan was the yellow rose of Texas and about a famous murder in room 636 at the Gunter hotel - but the body was never found. Dun dun duuuun.

Oh, and I was kind of famous again - here was the banner at the San Antonio marina, where we started our tour
Don't see me?  Look in that lower right-hand corner

yep, that's me in the pink skirt, looking down - from last year's running tour!

And, the other thing that made me happy this morning - I finally gave up on my favorite sportsbra style, which somehow underwent a design change last year and caused me serious pain.  (I know, too much information) And I tried this puppy out - AWESOME!

That's the Champion Double Dry+ Spot Comfort Full Support Sports Bra - my new best friend.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unleash the weekend

Wow.  First up, First Friday Cruiser ride.  We started at Sam's Burger Joint (lovely veggie burger made by Green Restaurant).

Then, on to Main Plaza (where there was no music)

So, we headed to Sanchez Ice House...

Then to the Blue Star Brewery

Then to the ol' VFW

And then, I went home to sleep for a few hours before the Solar Run on the Sun 5k.  It was a bit rough - all the 'pros' showed, so it was a FAST race.  I came in 5th in my 10 yr AG, but did not run as poorly as I have been running - even with lack of sleep and nagging knee pain.  (but I'm still having a tough time.)

Next up - downtown running tour in the morning.  So fun.

Thanks to Priscilla for the extra pics!