Monday, November 24, 2008

Nemeses or nemesi

Whatever you call them, they all showed up at the Courthouse 4 miler on Saturday. And blazed past me at full speed to shatter the 30s age groups. There was Liza, who placed second in the RNR SA marathon last Sunday, and Andrea, who recently ran a 60 mile race in Mexico, and Machelle, who I haven't seen in awhile, but who clearly hasn't gotten any slower. Yep, BLAZED past me. Man, they're fast.

Seriously, I ran the race nice and easy. It felt pretty good to run whatever speed I wanted for a nice little distance - instead of repeating "slow down, you have 20 more miles to go" in my head. Ironically, the courthouse run used to go from Sam's Burger Joint to the courthouse and back - now it goes to the zoo and back. What exactly are they trying to say about the legal community?

Needless to say, no prize money for me. No shiny medals. (I would have placed in the 20s age groups, though.) But I did get a breakfast taco and a beer, so it was a good race.


john o said...


I happened upon your site, it is neat. By the way who one the 4 miler.


Sally said...


I don't know the name of the guy who won overall. Liza won it for the women. The Bar Foundation may put it out though, so I'll look for it!