Monday, November 3, 2008

Small races

I love small races. The pros generally do not show, and there's a better chance of me getting a shiny medal. Once, I even got 2nd overall female. And there were more than 2 females - really. Anyway, I ran the Inaugural Feast of the Heart 5k at McAllister park on Saturday. Proceeds benefited the Raul Jimenez dinner, which serves over 26,000 people Thanksgiving dinner.

I ran a decent race, but did not read the race information carefully - no age group awards. In fact, when I did read it carefully, it made me laugh:

Awards will be won by the Top Three Male & Female Overall Finishers! No Duplicate Awards.

Now, normally there are no duplicate awards, meaning you cannot win overall female AND your age group. But how does one runner win duplicate overall male and female awards?

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