Sunday, April 22, 2012

"not running"

Doctor to Sally translation - "not running" = "not so much running"

So, I've been keeping it under 20 miles per week and flat.  I'm pretty sure that's close to not running.  This weekend's "not running" race was the Providence 5k.  I ran slowly, so I'm pretty sure that's close to not running.

We started off with a prayer (please don't let my knee bust loose)
And then a little stretch
And then we were off - I did not run a hillier race that morning, opting for this flat race, but concrete can hurt

and here's the frame by frame finish shots of the crazy, hurt-knee, running chicken

yep, it hurt.  So, I continue to try to eat anti-inflammatory foods, run less, and wait for the orthobutcher referral (I am so changing insurance provider next year).  In the meantime, I get reminded of what I used to look like.  I knew I was heavier - but wow. 

I need to rehab this knee and get back on the road.

Thanks to Ceci, IAAP, and Tim for the pics

Monday, April 9, 2012

No race weekend

After an expensive week or so (limping Gwen's vet visit, my knee MRI, tire damage...), I did not race this weekend and instead did fun stuff like working overtime and cleaning the house.  On Sunday, I planned on getting some yardwork done, working on correspondence for the Women's run, and walking/running the Women's run course.  Unfortunately, as I sat down for my pre-productive day bowl of fruit, I noticed that Vaca the cat was panting.  Panting is NEVER a good thing for felines.  So, instead, I spent most of the day at the vet's - and Vaca spent the night.  And then I spent enough on diagnostic testing to melt my credit card and put my vet's future child through a year of online courses.

All told, Vaca got this crappy furcut
and a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy.  Not great news and incurable, but manageable.  My giant orange cat, Rojito (RIP), was diagnosed with the same during treatment for hepatic lipidosis, and he lived large for 3 more years (and did not succomb to heart disease).  So, now the critters are on more medications than me (so far - MRI is pending), but we are chillaxing --
Next up: Providence to Pearl 5k, more OT (vet bills, remember?!), and maybe a Sunday race

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mas mal de ojo

So, next up - no races (this weekend).  Really, it's true.  I am not running any races this weekend.  Really.

Tomorrow, I go in for a knee MRI, which I am not happy about. So, instead of running, let's talk about my poor podcar.

Awhile back, the podcar was cursed with the mal de ojo on the driver's side.  So, I rubbed an egg on it, which seemed to do the trick (along with Cavender Toyota and Caliber body shop).

Now, it seems, the Ojo is back - but it's afflicting my tires.  Late last year, I had a flat and had to replace the tire.  After driving to Big Bend solo, I found this in my driveway.
So, I broke down and replaced the rest of the (5.3 y/o) tires, and my podcar was STYLING (well, kind of).

Then, today, on the highway on the way home from work,I felt that terrible 'sway.'  I made it off the highway, but this is what I had:

(yep, the pretty new tire/wheel - flat.)  REALLY?  These tires are so new, they still have that "fur" (nubs/nibs/whatever those things are?).  So, I guess I take time out tomorrow and MRI the knee, fix the tire, and then rub an egg on each of them?

Monday, April 2, 2012

More back to back and more owww

So, what's a girl with a bum knee to do?  Well, if you are Sally, you remain in denial and run back-to-back races for another weekend.  First up was the Scallywompus Tapatio Springs 5k.  I was registered for the 10k, but let my denial slip a bit, and I dropped down to the 5k.  OH THANK GOODNESS I DID.  Man, this was a challenging course - especially when my knee throbbed uphill and just stabbed with pain downhill.  Don't believe me?  Check it out here (elevation profile is below the map - but looks like this:)

Which made me look like this:
Yep, owwww.  But, I remained in denial, and the next morning, I ran the April Fools 5k.  Fortunately, it was relatively flat.  Unfortunately, it was about .3 miles long (April Fool on me, I guess).  But I laugh at the pain - here's me laughing:

and not laughing so much after the run:
And I definitely was not laughing by the time I got home and found my icepacks.  So, I temporarily set my denial (and fear of doctors aside) - and x-rays showed displaced patella (realigned, but riding high).  MRI is set for Friday.  At least the doc knows me well enough not to say "don't run," instead telling me "I don't advise you do anything that causes pain."  Considering that 'anything' currently includes sleeping, it seems that I am limited to drinking a cold beer.

Thanks to Scottydog and DL Morrison for the pics