Monday, May 31, 2010

Bird Lovers' 10k

I got to see my sister's family (4 nephews) and folks at my cousin's wedding this weekend, so I skipped the Saturday races.  On Monday, I ran the Bird Lover's 10k.  It was HUMID and half of the course was on soft grass with holes, snakes, and possibly alligators.  So, since this is day #1 of marathon training, I decided to take it easy and not break anything. 

So, now it's back to the training schedule - and Summer temps!

Thanks to Tom Lake for the pics

Friday, May 21, 2010

Critters and next up

Here is a pic from the dogs' stay at Green Dog Kennels last weekend

Yep, typical - that's Gwen the pitoodle taking a nap in the sun on the left and Dingo in the center rear, plotting to jump on another dog.  They had a wonderful time playing with the pooches.

Next up tomorrow - running tour of King William District and Lavaca.  Then, the farmer's market (mmmm - Sol y Luna lemon bars).  Then, release the VERY MEAN cat who was neutered today.  Then, nonstop work in the yard.  Then, baby shower. Then, long run.  Then, more work in the yard and clean the house.  Then, it's Monday again.

Thanks to Lola and Andrew for the dog pic!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beach to Bay Crazy Wet Chicken

The day started out with 99.9999999% humidity when Bernice ran down, then back up the beach and handed off the baton to me.   Then, I took off like a flash.  Or like a crazy chicken running in the sand.  As I took the right turn on SPID, the 52 mph wind gusts hit.  Then, about 1/2 mile later, the pouring rain came.  And continued for the next 4-5 miles before I handed off to Debbie.  It was tough - I think there was some hail in there too, but it could have just been the wind driving the raindrops into me.  I had my hat pulled down as low as possible and kept my head down.

So, here are my pics of me as the Crazy Wet Chicken.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Preliminary Beach to Bay Marathon Relay Pics

** warning - these are not actually ugly.  Because they are not pics of me actually running.  Ugly pics will follow - I PROMISE**

and the first two legs, waiting for the start (leg 1 runs up and down the beach and hands off to us at the start for leg 2).  Pic courtesy of Tracie

Sunday, May 16, 2010

35th Annual Beach to Bay Marathon Relay

Here's the story and stats from the Corpus Christi Caller-Times

CORPUS CHRISTI — More than half an inch of rain poured onto most of the 14,136 Beach to Bay Relay Marathon runners Saturday, but it didn't dampen their spirits.

One man ran in a pink wig, another wore one that was rainbow striped, and one team ran draped in green trash bags.

Perhaps most eye-catching was the Los Luchadores team, former classmates from five cities dressed in colorful wrestler masks and crime-fighter costumes.

"We wrestled with the rain," said Albert Garza, 41, as his teammates howled with laughter.

"The mask keeps the weather off my beautiful rosy cheeks," said Corey Burke, 37, an environmental investigator wearing a hand-sewn yellow and red mask, matching body suit, yellow cape and running shoes. "It was a good day to run with amigos."

Runners also battled wind, including gusts as much as 52 mph at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi during the relay's fourth leg, National Weather Service officials said.

"The wind had bay water slapping me in the face, too," said Mandi Alvarez, 23, who ran the final leg for Jack Ash's Drinkery team.

San Antonio teams won both the men's and women's divisions with Fleet Feet Sports Mambas men first across the Cole Park finish line in 2 hours, 26 minutes, 42 seconds. GMTC Divas won the women's race in 2 hours, 58 minutes, 7 seconds. The race started south of Bob Hall Pier on Padre Island.

Three people were taken to the hospital during the event, said Dr. Lonnie Schwirtlich, medical director for the relay. One runner collapsed with a seizure on the first leg. A boy ran into a utility pole, and a city parks department worker broke his arm in a fall.

The number of runners treated for heat injuries were a tenth the usual number, he said.

"This was ideal weather from our perspective," he said.

By the numbers

2,356 teams (389 more than 2009)

14,136 runners

3,000 volunteers

200 medical staff

3 people taken to hospital

30 police, from Corpus Christi Police Department and Nueces County constable offices

200 portable toilets

40,000 gallons of drinking water

6,000 pounds of ice

4,000 barbecue sandwiches

1 truck load of 2-liter Pepsi bottles

2,500 pizzas

80 kegs of beer

$400,000 cost

15 sponsors
Disbursement of $70,000 in proceeds
$10,000 track scholarship awarded for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi track program
$30,000 for volunteer youth groups that helped the event
$30,000 for area nonprofit organizations
Source: Beach to Bay organizers

Running Tour of downtown

Here are some pictures from last weekend's running tour of downtown - here I am on the left, learning about La Villita
and at the San Antonio marina

This weekend, I ran with the Brak Pak Chiks in the 35th Annual Beach to Bay marathon relay from Padre Island to Corpus Christi.  I'll post pictures and the full race report soon, but it RAINED.  Afterward, though, it was very nice and we enjoyed the beach (we're the bright blue tent and green tent on the left).

Thanks to the SA Office of Historic Preservation and Cecilia Iniguez for the pics!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ah, Saturday

For once, I decided to skip the races this morning.  Instead, I met up with folks at the San Antonio marina for a historic running tour of downtown.  Yes, San Antonio has a marina - it's right by the courthouse - who knew?  The Office of Historic Preservation hosted the tour and it was so much fun.  We ran to La Villita and on to the Alamo, where I learned that the only body not burned on the pyre after the seige of the Alamo was Lasoya - because his brother fought for Mexico and Santa Ana allowed him to retrieve his (Texas) brother's body for a proper burial.  Then we ran to Veterans Memorial Plaza, where I learned that the at the opening/presentation of the Korean War Memorial in the plaza, the heads of the sculpture had not arrived in time (typical San Antonio), which was quite an embarrassment.  Then, we hit Main Plaza, the Riverwalk, and part of King William District. 

These are all places I normally run, but it was neat to stop and hear the history.  I am going to take another running tour of the King William District and Lavaca in a couple of weeks. 

Then, I hit the farmer's market at the Pearl Brewery for a breakfast taco and fresh produce.  On the way home, I stopped at an artists' fair in Monte Vista. 

Once home, I released my latest catch - a little gray cat who I neutered (not personally) on Friday.  While I was releasing the cat in the backyard, Gwen the pit bull stole my loaf of bread from the farmer's market bag.  At least she shared it with Dingo.

Other than that, it was a nice way to start the weekend.  Next week:  Beach to Bay Marathon Relay!