Sunday, December 28, 2008

Madness and sadness

I've been out of town for a truly grand Christmas, but I'll post some Napa pictures when I finish doing laundry and getting back into the swing of things. The madness - for now, I remain angry at the airline industry - who lost my bag on the way out and made me too late to pick up the dogs on the way back, all while charging me fees for EVERYTHING. I wish there were an effective way to boycott flying!

And the sadness - I had a nightmare on Friday night that someone mean threw my cats and dogs off a bridge. I didn't pay much attention to the content of the dream, because I was more concerned that when I have nightmares, sleepwalking soon follows (yep, a different madness - and I was somnambulating the next night). Well, when I returned to San Antonio, my "foster" cat, Emo the Bathroom Cat, had died. Maybe somehow I knew. Anyway, Emo was a stray cat at my last apartment complex - with major attitude. She used to sleep on my car, and I would actually have to physically remove her from the car - even after I started it. Anyway, she became my bathroom foster cat, then (in the words of my nephew) the resident "everywhere cat." I'd like to think the last year and a half were her happiest.

Next up: getting back to the running routine and the Cobweb Chaser on Jan 1, 2009


Weather said...

Sorry to hear about Emo :(

Modern Mama said...

Oh bummer. That sucks. Poor Emo. He definitely had a good life at the end with you!

gretchen said...

Sal-I'm sorry to hear about Emo. His last year was definitely his best! You are where I want to go when I'm reincarnated as a cat.