Sunday, November 30, 2008

O'Connor Choir 10k

Ah, small races:

- no pros so I can take 2nd place in my age group
- no crowded starts

- no cash prize when I take 2nd place!
- no official results to post at athlinks
- no ugly race pics to post here

I ran the O'Connor Choir 10k in Helotes on Saturday. Last year, I ran this race as a training run before the Dallas Marathon. It was cold, windy, and drizzling last year. As I waited for the race to start in my car, I willed myself not to start the car and just drive home. I didn't, but it was a tough race then. This year, the weather was great and, 2 weeks post marathon, I just ran the race nice and easy. My feet were/are still pretty torn up, but it felt nice to run a 'short' distance for fun.

Next up: Missions 10 miler Sunday

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