Friday, December 31, 2010


Time spent running this year: 187:45:22 h:m:s

Elevation Gain: 39,425 ft

Thursday, December 30, 2010

and starting for the Green Bay Packers in 2025-2030

my nephews (and niece - I'm pretty sure she'll be tough enough to show her stuff)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I stopped running

...but only for 6 days.  But, that's a lot.  And I felt it - sluggish and just down.  So, tonight, I headed out and ran on the Riverwalk Museum Reach.  It's not a fast run, especially with tourists in town for the Alamo Bowl and holidays, but it was nice.  Then, I hit the mini Wednesday night farmers market for veggies for dinner.  It is amazing how much an easy run and a fresh meal clears my head - and gets me back on track when I'm not on a training schedule.  Next 'race' up - Cobweb Chaser, January 1.  Yep, it's the way to start another running year.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Here are some Brak Pak pics from our holiday BBQ (tamales)

and here's Gwen, with visions of sugar plums dancing in her head (she made her own bed - complete with 'pillow')

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stray Dog Xmas

Every year, a bunch of us 'stray dogs' get together for a holiday celebration.  This year, we had dinner at Picante Grill (their service just keeps getting worse), exchanged small gifts (I returned to giving out reusable shopping bags), and headed to the University of the Incarnate Word to admire their lights.  I always enjoy this gathering of buddies.

Thanks to Jill Acha for the pics!


and here's my little podcar, enjoying the Christmas spirit!

Happy holidays to all - and may you run many miles in the New Year (or laugh at me trying to).  Love, Sal

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mission 10 miler

I woke up Saturday morning and did not even feel like running a 5k.  Unfortunately, I was registered for a 10 miler.  So, I made it out to Mission County Park and gutted this one out, bouncy bridges and all.  But, the weather was decent (not as cold as past years) and it was a nice run.

Thanks to Tom Lake for the pics!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reindeer Run 5k

Well, the course was a little short, but this was a nice fun run in the fog along the riverwalk.  I run this route a lot, and it was fun to look across the river and see the fast folks heading back.  A couple of Marines "threatened" to steal my MCM jacket (the race is a Toys for Tots benefit - and so I dressed in appropriate Marines gear).  Afterward, I hit the farmer's market for postrace chow of beet and gargonzola salad. yum.  This week is very very busy - and there's the SARR 10 miler on Saturday.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nice Wednesday Run

I should have carried my camera.  I ran an easy run along the Riverwalk North tonight - along the way, I stopped at the boat locks and talked to the tourists in the boat - they were planning on Mexican food for dinner downtown and I gave my recommendations.  I ran into a very friendly possum on the way back - he was content to lie there until I gave him a nudge (dogs were coming).  Then, I returned to the Pearl Brewery, where I replenished my vegetable stores at the farmers market and played with the San Antonio Nature Hounds (I did not bring my hounds - they would have pushed me in the river).  And then (and then) I ordered a veggiewich at Wheelie Gourmet and, while I waited for my sandwich, watched the cop do a pretty good job at Wii bowling (on the side of the mealtruck) and listened to the band.  Surely (and don't call me Shirley) a nice run.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"free" pets

I have a menagerie of free pets.  Only, as I order $200 worth of heartworm and flea control (x3 months) from Australia, I realize how not free they are.  But they are amsuing.  More so than cable.

Here's Dingo with her new love, the next-door cabrito (Gwen finds him interesting, but Dingo is in love)

 And here's Simba, chilling in front of the heater.  Her favorite thing is lying on me on the couch after long runs, but this is a close second.
 And there's Vaca, who loves to run around the house and puff his tail.  For no reason whatsoever. 

The wonderful thing is that, when you surround yourself with crazies, you look pretty normal.  Not furry, not free, but normal.

Friday, December 3, 2010

no race weekend

I was going to run the Jingle Paws 5k with Gwen tomorrow, but my shoulder still hurts and I do not feel like be dragged around by a pitoodle.  So, tonight, I went for an easy run along the Riverwalk North and snapped some pics of the F.I.S.H.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WARRIOR ugly race pics

My buddies, Brenda and Jenna, ran the Warrior Dash on November 21, and now offer some pics for Sally's ugly race pic consideration.

While they tried, my initial call is that they only get an honorable mention for the ugly race pics.  Nice try, but not ugly chicken enough!  However, we employ highly scientific calculations here at Sally's Ugly Race Pics, so I'm going to a booth review of the honorable mention call.
 First up - looking highly stylish, but I'll give an ugly race pic point for the warrior hats.

 Here, I'll give another ugly race pic point, since they failed to simultaneouly sludge through mud and smile while looking at the camera without falling down AT THE SAME TIME (I would have been swimming, we know this).
 This one's tough.  The herkie jump is in good form, but I'm going to give one ugly race pic point because Brenda didn't fully point her front toe while jumping over fire.
 And I'm going to have to consult with the Russian judge on the technical aspects here - okay - one ugly race pic point is awarded, since the hands were not 'feathered' in this leap.
 And another ugly race pic point for the squinting (nevermind the smoke billowing about)
 Here, I again consult with the Russian judge - who gives two ugly race pic points - 1 for no pointed toes, 1 for no feather hands - but I'm taking back one ugly race pic point for the bad-a$$ look on Jenna's face!
And here, I have to take back two more ugly race pic points, since you guys still look like FABULOUS warriors!  So after adding, subtracting, carrying a one, and taking the square root - the ruling on the field is OVERTURNED.  The combination of the pics is determined to be ugly race warrior pic worthy!

Thanks to Brightroom, Jenna, and Brenda for the pics.  I am SO running this next time!

So, I DID beat the Kenyan

Today, I received this message

Dear Affected Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Participants:

Our research indicates you were most likely delayed by the Union Pacific train on race day.

After painstaking review of all timing data gathered from 2010 Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio, we have adjusted your results to account for the amount of time you appeared to have been held up by the train. Your new results have been posted the Results Page on our website.

For the record, we know your exact starting time (to the second) and that the stop gates at the railroad crossing (at .8 miles into the race) were lowered at 7:24:54am and raised at 7:29:37am. To determine your adjusted time, we analyzed your pace for the first 5K (the affected portion) and the second 5K, and assumed that unimpeded you would have run even pace for the first 10K. We then made the necessary adjustment to the first 5K.

(and, surprisingly - all that math is pretty accurate - it's only about 15 seconds different from my timing!)  All that said, I officially beat the lead Kenyan (marathon) runner (while running my half marathon).  Victories - I'll take 'em where I can get 'em!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fear the deer!

I started off Thanksgiving with the 35th annual SARR turkey trot 4 miler.  First, I volunteered and filled 16 busses with 56 runners each, then jumped on the 17th bus to get to the start - about 15 minutes after the starting gun.  So, as I felt spectacularly fast, weaving through many, many walkers, I came upon a guy who was being treated for injuries at mile one - apparently, a DEER RAN INTO HIM!  Poor guy ended up sustaining a concussion and other injuries.

It was a nice run, otherwise, and here I am near the finish, blissfully unaware of the attack deers who were lurking about!  (I found out the cause of the guy's injuries at the finish.)

Afterward, some buddies and I got snapped by one of my favorite race reporters, ScottyDog (he's the guy in the "I Beat Cancer and Never Gave Up" shirt).  This guys actually runs more races every year than I do!

You can check out his full race report at

Afterward, I served more green beans than I think I've ever SEEN at one time - and then crashed while watching the Cowboys do the same.  Today, I hit the Seeker Ranch for some fun time with my family - including my crazy nephews.  The next two days will be equally busy, but that's kind of how it looks through the new year!

Thanks to Tom Lake and Scottydog for the pics

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

San Antonio Bar Association 5k

Continuing to baby my sore right knee, I phoned this one in last Saturday.  It was a nice run in Olmos Park - lots of trains - but none stopping the run!  I actually placed 3rd in my age group, but they only had awards for the top finisher in each AG (yeah, it was a small race).  Since my finish time was nothing to celebrate, I can't complain.

Since then, the dogs managed to wrench my right shoulder, so I will definitely be hobbling at the Turkey Trot on Thursday.

Thanks to SABA for the pic!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rock N Rollin' ugly race pics

Neither cold nor train nor knee pain nor hills stays this runner from the swift (ahem?) completion of her appointed run.

Yeah, I used to be a (military) postal worker, so I'm allowed to bastardize the creed.  I think. 

What I can definitely do is take some ugly race pics.  And here they are....

And I'm off (to get halted by a train in about 9 minutes)

 Since I'm taking it easy, I may as well pose in front of the Alamo - and in front of a guy clearly trying to make up for the train delay
 I'm not actually grabbing my left breast in this one, I don't think, but I am babying that right knee.

 And cue the crazy running chicken

 Here's a little more crazy running chicken for you - I'm about to head up the final hill right in front of Kenyan #2 (running the full)
 And DONE.  Man, my knee hurts.
 And the classic finish-line, nose blowing shot.  lovely.

 and the final pic - so that I'll have something to look at when I eventually go for a knee MRI.  But, I do have some famous friends -- here's the cover of the special marathon section of the San Antonio Express News - featuring fellow Brak Pak'ers Joe, John, and Trey in the lower left corner.

Thanks to ASI for allowing me to s-l-o-w-l-y steal pics (you can order huge ones for yourself from their website) and SA Express-News.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Technically, I did beat the Kenyan

As my wise friend, Shanti, pointed out - when the train delay is subtracted (it's supposed to be, but I'm really not that concerned), I did beat the #1 Kenyan Edward Tabut by almost 2 minutes.  Even with the train wait, he only beat me (chip time) by 6 seconds.  Yeah, I do realize he ran twice as far, but that's my handicap for road races against far superior Kenyan elite athletes.  It's only fair. 

Unexpected obstacle

Since I'd already paid the entry fee (about a year ago) and wanted a shiny medal, I decided to mostly ignore my knee pain/swelling, squeeze into some compression tights, and run easy for the Rock N Roll San Antonio Half Marathon on Sunday.  It started nice and cool with no rain.  At about 0.75 miles, I heard a collective gasp around the bend and thought that someone must have gone down.  As I rounded the corner, I saw this

Yes, a train.  A long train. Right across the route where 28,000 or so runners were running. So, we all stopped and just waited, as runners piled up behind us.  After 3-4 minutes, the train passed and we resumed a starting shuffle, since there were now thousands of us bunched up on a 2-lane road.  Anyway, after that I continued taking it easy and, other than BAD knee pain, had a nice run.  The Kenyan (running the full marathon) beat me, but I hustled into the finish just before the second Kenyan.  So, somehow, I win!  I'm sure there will be some lovely ugly race pics from this one.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

And this is how a knee gets sprained

Yep, more pics from Dia de Los you can see, two bad dogs can pull one in ways which hurt knees.  Thanks to Green Dog Kennels for the pics!

 (Gwen the pitoodle actually tried to swim in that orange water bucket - it was a little too small)

And this is when they face the same way - when they try to kill me, they dart opposite ways and clothesline or chopblock me with the leashes.

Half marathon prep

To be honest with you, I don't really prep for half marathons.  They generally represent training runs for marathons, often with me tacking on mileage after the race, or a longer Sunday run.  But, my marathon this year is finished, and I'm a little apprehensive about running tomorrow on a very sore right knee.  I'm already dreading the slight climb up McCullough.  It goes almost up to my house, and I'm already telling myself that I will not drop out and hobble home at that point.  (Pretty pathetic - I just ran 26.2 again and I'm sweating 13.1, but that's how it's going right now.)

So, today, I hit the soon-to-be-opened Southtown Yoga Loft for a free yoga class for runners.  I had to do many modifications because my knee hurt and I am REALLY out of yoga-shape.  Here's my back before class- the one in the first white short-sleeved running shirt on top of the 'clean' pile.

It did feel good to do some hip openers and stretch some sore muscles.  Afterward, I headed to the Farmers Market at the Pearl Brewery and picked up fresh bread, produce, and tapenade.  I also hit the Wheelie Gourmet foodtruck there for a veggiewich, which was delicious. 

I was feeling very zen and relaxed and ready to get my race things together.

Until I got home - Dingo had escaped the dogroom, found the bag of trash that I MEANT to take out on my way out, and spread it all over.  Thankfully, I compost most stuff and don't eat meat, so there wasn't much yuck in there - unless you count the litter box contents I'd emptied since I was supposed to be taking the trash out. 

So much for the zen and relaxation.  But, it's cleaned up now, and it's time to finish icing my knee and getting my gear ready.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm!  I hope my knee makes it through the 13.1 without complaining too much.

For all the Rock N Rollers - have a great run!

Thanks to Southtown Yoga Loft for the pic - check out their opening in January 2011!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy veterinarian's day!

Okay, I know it's really Veterans Day - um, I'm a vet(not -erinarian).  My nephews even called me to say "Happy Veterans Day!"  - Travis got it out on the third try - it's a hard word to pronounce when you are a kiddo!

But, I took Dingo to get her shots today. so it was a vet's day in many ways.  And I officially changed her name from "Dingo the Stray" to "Dingo."  Yep, she walked into my yard two years ago and has been here ever since, so it was probably time.

Here she is enjoying her new bed:

I also tested the sprained knee out on a short, flat run.  It hurt, but I'm still running the Rock N Roll San Antonio HM on Sunday.  Or crawling.  We shall see.  You can stalk me during the race here.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

PanCan 5k and Dia de los perros

Well, since the dogs sprained my knee last weekend at Dia de los perros, I've been trying to take it easy to let the knee heal before the San Antonio Rock n Roll half marathon next Sunday.  So, Gwen and I walked the PanCan 5k on Saturday, in memory of our buddy Pete V, who lost the battle to pancreatic cancer several months ago.

She had a good time at her second 'race' and was PSYCHED when the lady from Panera Bread Company gave her a cheese bagel at the finish.

Here are some pictures of us from last weekend's Dia de Los Perros from Pink Button Photography - before they cranked my right knee.