Monday, July 7, 2008

Freedom 4 miler - Happy birthday to me

Well, I'm going to start this out with my birthday run. Now, normally, I just re-turn 25 every year. But, this year, I'm in a new old lady age group (not really old ladies - the Olympian, Liza Hunter-Galvan, is now my 'nemesis' in this age group until scary-tattoo Andrea joins us next month as my old lady nemesis, but more about them later). It certainly did not help my running - but I think that can be attributed to people grilling in the park - I don't like to smell food when I'm running.

Anyway, 4 miles in the books and, of course, some ugly race pics to add to the collection. This time, as we ran, SAPD ticketed all the runners and Texas Towing (evil, oft sued by me entity) towed their cars. Luckily, I didn't pull one of my smart-arsed perpendicular parking jobs, so I was safe, but buddies were not - including one buddy who rode her bike there and put it on someone's bike rack during the race - and THAT car got towed, along with the bike!

After a nap with the dog, it was 4th of July Fish Fry at a buddy's mansion. Next up, Los Chupacabras de la noche 10k trail run (7/18, 9 pm) stupidly followed by the Women's 5k (7/19, 8 am). that's going to hurt this old broad!

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