Monday, September 26, 2011

Muertitos - final time trial

Well, after Saturday's 5k with Dingo and almost 12 miles on Sunday, my legs were really sore today.  Even more sore than after 21 milers.  I think it was from trying to counterbalance Dingo's pulling for the first 2.5 miles. 

But, I headed out to run the Muertitos 2 mile time trial (pretty slowly) -- here we are heading out.  Check out la muertita (#8) totally hamming it up and stealing my ugly race pic shot. 

So I told her that, just because she looks cuter than me in her running skirt, she needed to get the heck out of my way before I got really ugly (not really - and I got really ugly just 'cause).
and the finish - not sure what I'm looking at?

and los muertitos
Thanks to Ceci for the pics (and the finish line oranges)!

SNIPSA race for the rescues 5k

It's two weeks until the marathon - and I get VERY paranoid about sustaining a small, dumb injury after months of training.  But, when Gwen and I walked/swam this 5k for a GREAT cause last year, I promised Dingo that 2011 would be her year.  (The race benefits to help out the SA strays.) 

So, Saturday morning, we got ready for the race - as Gwen pitifully whimpered and begged.  I almost relented and brought them both, but with the 1000s of runners and many, many dogs, the pups like to head in different directions and take me down (to the ground, like Matthews on Cutler!).  Again, two weeks before the marathon.  So, I promised Gwen a solo postrace walk, and Dingo & I headed out.

Dingo did pretty well -  but she took off too fast and pretty much pooped out for the last 1/2-3/4 mile.  This course is no joke - BIG HILLS

So, we trotted it and had a nice little run.  Afterward, Dingo got a pat on the head from Sean Elliott (retired Spurs player), and we took some snazzy pictures.

Gwen and I strolling by in the background right after meeting Sean Elliott (foreground)
 Hangin' with Brak Pak buddies
Our photo shoot (I love Dingo's smile)

After we returned home, I took Gwen out for her promised walk - and when we came in the house, Dingo was FAST asleep.

Thanks to Benton Photography, Jenna, IAAP, and Scottydog for the pics!

Monday, September 19, 2011

More Mission Possible 10k

Here are a few from Kevin G. Saunders - I kind of look like a creepy zombie, going for brains, in the second one

run, eat, sleep, repeat, repeat

This was the last real training week, so it was a little rough - and the temps headed back into the triple digits.  On Saturday, I headed to the "Mission Possible" 10k - the 3rd in the series of the Alamo Beer Runs.  It started at the Blue Star Brewery and ran along the riverwalk- mission reach.
 Ruben & I
Kimberly & I

The race course was pretty complex, but I kept it steady, since I knew I had a tough run on Sunday.

Afterward, there was a splendid post-race celebration, with multiple local beers, burgers, migas, bloody marys, music, and even a parking lot art thing.  So, I ate, showered, slept, ate, and slept.

And then I woke up early to head out to Fleet Feet at about 0500, to add on some miles and then run with them - all told, it was about 20 miles.  I was going to run 22, but it was SO humid, and I got sick of hearing "squish squish squish" (from my shoes, beginning around mile 5).  And then I I ate, showered, slept, ate, slept, and watched football. 

My feet and legs are tired, but I'm still not having any major issues - hopefully that continues.  Next up, Dingo & I hit the Race for the Rescues (walking - I don't need a dog-related injury).

Thanks to Scallywompus and Kimberly for the pics!

Monday, September 12, 2011

rocking it out

I finally got to a project I have wanted to do for awhile.  Kill my front yard.  Step #1, extreme drought, was highly successful - here are the "before" shots:

Step #2:  Saturday morning, my rock delivery I have been awaiting was scheduled at 0930. At 09:30:45 - this big truck showed up.

However, as you can see, there are low-hanging powerlines across the front of the house.  We ripped up a corner of the edging and the driver performed about a 26-point turn to expertly angle the truck in - hollering "tell me when I'm about to hit those lines!"  He didn't hit the lines, and left me with this big pile of rocks (note - ratio of rockpile to podcar is about 1:1.5).

Step #2 1/2 - run 11 miles on Sunday morning - the temperature was only in the double digits, and it felt pretty good to press 'start' on the Garmin and, the next thing I knew, I was running the final stretch into Fleet Feet.

And Step #3 - slaves.  good ones. 
The gals came over and ROCKED out those rocks - the pile was demolished in about 1.5 hours!

I like my rocks - a LOT.  Now, step #4 - I need some yard art!
Tonight was a nice, but sore from pushing rocks, run under a big moon with the Muertitos -
Thanks to the gals for all the help and Ceci for the Muertitos pic!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Zoo Relay and art

Tonight was the 4x2 mile zoo relay, which I ran with the Brak Pak Chiks.

I was a little tired after that (AWESOME) Packers game last night and that crud called work in between, but we still ran a decent race.

Afterward, I headed over to Ceci's Exhibit of La Malinche
My pics (of her wonderful pics) are a little blurry - I think my camera was stored in the cooler while I was running.

 My favorite photo is the one on the right - is it still available, Ceci??

Monday, September 5, 2011

Whining and wining, but not winning

Wow, this weekend took it out of me.  I started off with a little 20 miler, which ended up being a 21 miler (my mapping skills kind of stink), with my buddy, Laura.  It was tough - heat and humidity were high, and I sweated off about 6 pounds.  But, we tackled the penultimate long run before the Chicago marathon! 

On Sunday, I 'installed' my edging in preparation for my big truck load o' rocks that arrives next weekend.  And, I attempted to rehydrate.  Luckily, a 'cold' front came in - knocking the temperatures back into the double digits and the humidity down to a manageable level.

So, this morning's 5 mile Whine Run was a breeze.  Except for my beat up feet, the hills, and the headwinds.  But, the reward was wine at the Dry Comal Creek (and it is DRY this year) winery.  Most excellent.

Here I am starting off - nice and slow
Along the run -
and my finish (I actually ran the last mile fastest - but it was downhill, with a tailwind)
still sweaty at the finish
and Brak Pak, representing (I must have been in the sangria line, but my podcar made the shot)
Thanks to Tom Lake - San Antonio Roadrunners and Scottydog for the pics

And, now, step down week - except for pushing those rocks around