Monday, August 29, 2011

Some like it hot

And apparently, I do.  This Sunday was the 2nd hottest day EVER in San Antonio - 110 degrees (not heat index).  So, I decided to start the day with a little 'TNT Lousy T-shirt 5k' fundraiser run - it was about 85 degrees at race start at 8:00. This was a 'no frills' race - with no shirts (unless purchased separately), no bibs, no timing chips, no clock, no mile markers, no water stops, no finisher medals, no prizes (they decided to add the last three for fun, but there were no age group awards - just overall awards.

I planned to just run this at an easy 10:00 pace to get 3 more miles in for the week.  But, as I started off, I felt good and, somehow around mile 1, I realized I was the lead female (obviously, the pros weren't running)!!!  I did stop for water and got passed by a faster gal (I briefly thought about trying to catch her, but decided to back my pace off - it's going to be a hard training week). 
 looking fairly chickenish coming into the aid station
 chicken side view
sipping like a chicken
off, trying to chase down the fast chick (not chick-en)
 and in - frame by frame

 a final chicken finish line pose
 and, holy crud - that was the best I've run a 5k in the past couple of years.  Not a PR, but good enough for 2nd overall female.  really.
and I got a lousy finisher medal, which I LOVE.  It's in the style of the Fiesta medals everyone trades/collects here during Fiesta.
 with my race bling (soaking wet with sweat) -- with race director, Grace
 overall women
 postrace - with bling and beer
 and the bling.  love my bling.

And then, after a continuing battle with my smoke detectors, I headed out Monday evening in the 100+ degree heat to run the 2-mile time trial with the muertitos (at a bit slower pace - like I said, it's going to be a tough training week, and I need to pace myself)

 the muertitos group.  And, now, I get set to plot the demise of a chirping smoke detector and run a bunch of miles this week.

Thanks to Lisa Ramos, Ceci, and Scottydog for the pics

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bring it on

(and I certainly don't believe that chance of rain)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

training blahs

So, this somewhat gripe-y post was stolen from inspired by Kritta's post. Yeah, she's training for a 50 miler and me, just a 26.2'er.  But the gripes are the same.  This is the time of the year that I dread the shower, because it brings pain.  I pretty much permanently tape my brastraps (dumb boobs), but still end up with chafing burns over my shoulders.  I grease myself like a pig, but still get cut by my waterbelt.  I feel like all I do is run, eat, hydrate, and sleep (oh yeah, and work) - yet, I still fall asleep at red lights and any time I must sit down for more than a minute or two.  I'm actually taking a day off work to run errands and clean my house (the tumblefurs are organizing for a revolt), since I cannot fit those tasks in between weekday evening runs and weekend runs. 

But, for the most part, I haven't had any issues this training season (knock on wood or whatever I need to do).  My feet hate me, showers hurt, and my left heel/Achilles was randomly a little wonko tonight, I'm extremely tired and have no appetite, but nothing serious thus far.  So, I'm hoping to finish this with solid training (oh, yeah, partly in predicted 105 degree heat - not heat index - on Saturday) and a good run in October.  And then, I will SLEEP and start on the 'after the marathon' to do list.  Which starts with "slay the tumblefurs."

Monday, August 22, 2011

no race weekend

I actually passed up a race.  really.  It was the Sunrise 5k/10k - the very, very hilly Sunrise 5k/10k.  I had to run an 18-miler, though, and didn't think I needed the hills.  So, instead, I ran 18.4 miles (oops) with buddies downtown and along the riverwalk on Saturday.  And then I slept and ate and slept and ate for most of the remainder of the weekend.

Tonight, I ran in the heat with the Muertitos - with bolis (icees) afterward.

thanks to Ceci for the pics (and the bolis).   and now I eat and sleep some more...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thanks where thanks is due

I started this blog of ugly race pics while training for a marathon and running many races.  I would email my ugly race pics to my family every weekend, clogging their inboxes but, I hope, amusing them with my crazy chicken and zombie running style - captured by the lenses of many photographers. 

And, today - I continue to pester the interwebs with my ugly race pics.  Now, I am the creative genius who runs willy nilly around at various races, looking a little nutso.  However, the other part of that 'creative vision' consists of the artists behind the camera - capturing all of those ugly race pics for ever and ever (and ever and ever).  It takes a village, folks!

I always credit the photographers, even as I shamelessly swipe their ugly race pics of me (yep, I know, I'm going straight to heck).  But, I wanted to especially thank my buddy and super fotog, Ceci - who not only has snapped a boatload of ugly race pics of me, but also found some way to make me look not-like-a-chicken at times.

Here are some of my Ceci-snapped faves here lately....

Gracias, Ceci

 - even though you are thwarting the purpose of my ugly race pic blog!  At least I have my village of photographers lurking around the point in the race I stop to blow my nose to freeze that moment forever.
check out some of her non-running work at

Monday, August 15, 2011

Worn out Weekend

I had a 17-miler on the schedule this weekend, and a 15k race scheduled.  So, I decided to break it up and run 8 miles along the Riverwalk with buddies Saturday morning.  Then, I ate, showered, ate, slept, ate, hydrated, slept, hydrated, slept, ate, hydrated, and got ready for the race.  This was the second in the Alamo Beer Series - an evening 15k (it was long, so it was closer to a 10-miler).  Here I am hydrating some more

and at the start
and then, like Jaws, here I come...dun nuhn, dun nuhn...
dun nuhn, dun nuhn, dun nuhn
(note - she's only happy because she's running the 8k) dun nuhn nuhn nuhn nuhn....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
and then I finished in the dark.  ate, hydrated (on beer), showered, and slept.

Sunday, I headed over to a buddy's house to help her sand and stain her cabinets.  (Next month, I think we'll xeroscape my front yard.)

And, tonight, I hit the Muertitos group for an easy 4 miler...
and now - eat, hydrate, shower, sleep, repeat. 

Thanks to Ceci, IAAP, KGS bikes, and Scallywompus for the pics!

thanks, legs

These are my legs, and I thank them for getting me through this weekend.  My feet were a bit sad/painful, and my head was seriously sorry, but these legs made it through.   I'm rolling them out now, since next week will be similarly challenging.  But I'm trusting that my legs will get me through - and now, it's just up to my brain (and sore feet) to do the same.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Next up

Well, it's time to get serious about the Chicago marathon, so I just ordered my gels, Brave Soldier lubricant, socks, etc.  And these puppies came in today. 

(the ones in front).  I'll try them out on Saturday's first run - 8 miles in the morning - then eat/shower/sleep/eat/sleep until the 15k on Saturday night - I'll use my standby shoes (pictured in the rear).  And then I will eat/drink/shower/sleep/repeat some more.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


At least Saturday's 15k is at night!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tough no race weekend

Whew, it was a tough weekend.  But, I started out the weekend 'carb loading' on no-nutritional-value nachos and beer at the Missions game Friday night.  Sadly, it was a no-hitter against us...

But the Ballapeno and the Puffy Taco were amusing

A kid always gets to chase the puffy taco around the bases and tackle him after 3rd base.  Sadistic, but funny. 

Saturday morning was me and 15 miles.  Luckily, Hurricane Don 'roared' in and misted on me for the first hour or so.  Afterward, I chowed, showered, and slept.  Sunday morning was almost 7 miles in the heat and humidity at Fleet Feet.  Surprisingly, my legs felt pretty good, but my feet were tired of being smacked against asphalt.  Afterward, I chowed, showered, and slept.  And, when I awoke, I was still tired and hungry. 

Luckily, this week is a step-down training week, and I need it - especially since tomorrow's supposed to be around 103 degrees.  And I need to catch up on housework - the tumblefurs out-number me, and I fear they may revolt.