Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

(I'm back there in the red shirt)

Wow, the 100th post and a brand new year! I welcomed 2009 in by running the Cobweb Chaser 5k. Yep, all the runners there are just a little sick. At least there is a delayed start - gun fired at 10 a.m., but that still felt pretty darn early. It was a nice, fun run, with over 400 runners this year. Luckily, it was also a nice San Antonio winter day - in the high 60s! After the race, we ate traditional black eyed peas. I guess it beats my family tradition - it would be hard to stomach sauerkraut after a night of celebrating and 3.1 miles!

The old school running crowd. It was chilly enough that I put on my jacket, but warm enough to run in a skirt!

Thanks to Tom Lake for the pics

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