Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stray Dog Xmas

Nope, not the kind of pups that I let sleep in my yard and house, spay/neuter, feed, train, and try to pretend are not my dogs. This Stray Dog is a holiday tradition - the Stray Dog Xmas Party. Composed mostly of folks from the running community, the party meets downtown near La Villita and drinks beers/exchanges small gifts. This year, my gift to everyone (again) was a reusable grocery bag. This is because I am obsessed with making everyone use them instead of plastic bags - to the point that I give them away to the ladies in front of me in line at the grocery store. PLEASE bring your own bags to the grocery store! Thanks. Now, back to our story.

After freezing our buns off tonight in the parking lot (it was practically 40 degrees, with wind, and I am now thin-skinned to cold weather), we head down to the Riverwalk for dinner.

Afterward, we hit the tree in front of the Alamo and sing carols. Happy holidays to stray dogs everywhere!

And this is a real stray dog - Dingo the Stray. Up for adoption when I return from Napa Valley!

P.S. Teecycle Tim asked me about folks' expressions when our running pack pushes their cars. First, we (usually) do it with permission - I'd hate to think of their expressions if a pack of wild runners descended upon them unexpectedly! And, second, it's usually grateful surprise. They sometimes offer to buy us tacos. But we work only for smiles - and beer.

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Tim said...

You giving away reusable grocery bags just made my night. That and packs of Good Samaritan runners. And running clubs drinking beer and exchanging gifts. THAT'S what Julie Andrews should have put in her song!