Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Now I know how Brittney feels. You're going about your business in a skirt, whether it's driving with your kid in your lap or running a crazy night trail run, and the flashbulbs start popping. Apparently, there were some chupacabra-paparazzi at the Chupacabra 10k Friday night, lurking in the dark, trying to get ugly race pictures. And they did (#63)...

Luckily, unlike Ms. Spears, I remember to wear something under my skirt in these situations:
But I was glad I just got "tripped" and "pic'd" by the chupacabra-paparazzi. My friend, Pete, sustained this chupacabra BITE!

Actually, when scouting the course during the day, he caught a branch to the head, earning him 14 stitches. Yet he still ran the race Friday night. The call of Los Chupacabras is strong...

**thanks to Chris McAllister for the pics!

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Modern Mama said...

You people are crazy.