Thursday, January 15, 2009

Run to Work Take Two

With the injuries of many running buddies, it looks like the Saturday long run is off this week. Funny how you can stave and will those injuries off and they nail you after the marathon. So, I'm thinking of revisiting my run to work overtime Saturday. I'm guessing it should be easier to accomplish in January than it was in July. And now I have pre-po'd clothing, wipes, and towels at the office.

In other news, my New Year's Resolution to get more sleep isn't going very well. I tried to approach it like nutrition/diet and write it down to realize the truth. Average sleep (total - not including sleep walking or time awake during the night) = 4.2 hrs per night so far this year. Not good. But, I'm going to set myself up for success. Sunday, my new mattress gets delivered, which I will cover with my 600 threadcount sheets and I will sleep and sleep on Monday. Okay, maybe I'll work on topping 5 hours and taking Dingo the limping stray dog to the vet. Old Army mantra: Shoot the 50m targets first, then keep shooting. The dogs are psyched,though, that they are getting my old mattress (I think -until they realize I'm not on it).

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