Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You want ugly, I'll give ya ugly

One often overused phrase that annoys me is "the perfect storm." But I must use it to describe the Endurathon ugly race pics. I had the superb combination of cold weather, wind, HILLS, 15.5 miles, undertraining, and leg cramps which combined for the perfect storm for ugly-race-pic-posing.

*Disclaimer* There's a whole lotta ugly race pics below. View with caution ;-)
The start - not too ugly yet in the white visor and cobalt jacket
downhills are already starting to hurt - getting uglier

Yeah, this is pretty much starting to hurt

I'm only smiling between leg cramps
and the bitter, ugly end - fighting leg cramps

and the truly perfect storm: all of the above conditions, after 15.5 miles, with salt in my eyes, cramps in my legs - and the guy goes and takes a profile picture of nose-less me while I'm bracing against the wind?! Man, that's an ugly race pic!

Thanks to Hill Country Rambling for the pics

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