Friday, January 23, 2009

Impromtu barbeque

I run on Tuesday/Thursday nights (and some Saturdays and most races) with an informal group called (informally) the Brak Pak. We joke about charging dues, train together for marathons, and (many of us) drink beers after running. And we BBQ. Usually, these are semi-planned affairs; however, last night, while we were debating which route to run, someone said it would be a good night to barbeque. And Adrian had wood in his truck. And Trey had already run and could hit the store. And we start/finish at Brackenridge park, so the BBQ was on. After a run around the golf course, we had ourselves a BBQ. Since it was impromptu, there weren't any pictures, but here are some Brak Pak pics from past BBQs:

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow's Endurathon 25k. I'm really not trained up for 15.5 miles in the Texas HILL country, but we'll see how it goes. Here's a picture after last year's Endurathon (I volunteered at the 10.5 mile water stop - and was looking very w-i-d-e that day - wow). After all those hills, I'm bound to take a truly lovely ugly race pic in the morning!

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