Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another shiny medal

This morning, I ran the Missions half marathon and earned my shiny finisher's medal. It was my worst finish time-wise in a half ever (by about 10 minutes), but I was consciously staying at marathon pace and not allowing myself to speed up. Even over the 4 awful bouncy bridges. At the end, I felt like I could continue running at that pace for a long time, which was my goal.

Anyway, the Moroccans swept for the men and some of my nemeses took women's first and second. (Liza was first and Andrea, who got injured during the race, came in second.) I came home, chowed, showered, and spent the afternoon lying around with ice on my hip.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on a 20 mile training run - depending on how my hip feels. Right now, things look good - except for the ugly race pics from this half that will come soon...

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