Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yes, surreal. An often over-used word meaning having an oddly dreamlike quality. But that is the best description for the Ragnar Relay experience. As van 1 (runners 1-6, and it was an Explorer, not a van), we embarked at 9 a.m. Friday morning. Because not everyone's goal is to take the ugliest pictures, these are actually at the start - when we're all bright eyed and bushy tailed! We quickly read through the pre-race precautions, which included emergency procedures in the event of a charging cow - duh? Run!

Stickley, Carolyn, Justin, Patrick, and me (D-Rod joined us enroute, mowed down about a pound of beef jerky, and hit the pavement). The other six runners were in van 2 (also not really a van).

Then, the hills attacked. And they were brutal, and we were ugly. During my run, I was passed by so many antique cars that, when a modern car passed, it was strange. Then I ran for a little while with a big white dog, who I kept trying to put back in his fence, but he kept following me. And a van from another team heckled me, but that was only because their guy was walking the hills behind me (and I was running - just not so fast). After a couple of legs, we shared a beer with a team from the Hash House Harriers.

(that sign meant downhill behind me)

Then we 'rested' - drinking a local ale, eating German food, and lying around in the park as dusk descended. And then it was running in the dark, separated from VERY LARGE TRUCKS by cones. Every shadow was a lurking skunk to me at that point. And I was passed by one of the guys from a team that all wore red dresses. I just kept trying to follow his red blinky light and red shiny tulle.

Luckily, we were able to crash in real beds (or the floor of a house) for a couple of hours, only to be awakened by some of the van 2 folks saying "move over or get up and run." And it was off to our final legs - once again along the shoulder of the highway for me. Carolyn and I headed back to San Antonio after our legs Saturday morning, but our last runner finished about 30 hours and 45 minutes after the start. What a run. Run, drive, sleep? repeat, indeed. Surreal.

running so fast, I'm a blur!

Thanks to Carolyn for the pics!

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