Sunday, October 5, 2008

Training Like a Sumo Wrestler

I once read an article on sumo wrestlers. Apparently, they do their training (mostly strength) in the morning and then spend the rest of the day alternating eating (major calorie loading) and sleeping. So, I thought, for today, I'd employ that training philosophy.

This morning's run was 13.5 and it felt tougher than last week's 18 miler - but the course was pretty hilly. I scarfed down some eggs, potatoes, and fruit and hit the couch HARD. I woke up as the Brewers game and football started and was starving, so I made some spaghetti al pomodoro. Now, I'm alternating lying around with the dog and the cats, flipping between football and baseball.

While I may never make it as a sumo wrestler, keeping off my feet seems to be helping my hip and the rest feels good. It would feel better if the Brewers would put 5 runs or so on the board, though.

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