Thursday, October 9, 2008

The plan

Like many, many bad ideas, this one starts with "So, here's the plan..."

First, the background: My hip still hurts, but not quite so bad (or I'm just ignoring it because the orthobutcher scared me). But, I am back to within a minute or so of my normal 5k speed and ran the 2 mile zoo run last night within :30 of last year's normal times. (Maybe it's the sub-100 degree weather?) Not that either of those are indicators that I can run 26.2 anytime soon, but I'll take all positive signs.

Anyway, back to the plan. Tonight, a brisk 4-5 miles, since a Brak Pak BBQ awaits at the park upon completion of the run. Tomorrow, I will get ALL of my errands run, including picking up some sort of fencing for bad escape-artists dogs and installation thereof.

BECAUSE: Saturday is the Missions Half Marathon, which I'm going to try to run nice and easy. The race used to be up in the HILL country, but this will be flatter and is actually part of the marathon course. I just hope we don't have to cross the bouncy bridges that are located in the Missions park. (They make me nauseous)

THEN: I do nothing but lie around icing whatever needs iced until I run 20 miles Sunday morning. Then, I lie around icing everything.

Yep, dumb plan, but I'm going to try it and see how I feel. I can always ice my butt some more while on jury duty on Monday, which would otherwise be a holiday for me.

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