Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy veterinarian's day!

Okay, I know it's really Veterans Day - um, I'm a vet(not -erinarian).  My nephews even called me to say "Happy Veterans Day!"  - Travis got it out on the third try - it's a hard word to pronounce when you are a kiddo!

But, I took Dingo to get her shots today. so it was a vet's day in many ways.  And I officially changed her name from "Dingo the Stray" to "Dingo."  Yep, she walked into my yard two years ago and has been here ever since, so it was probably time.

Here she is enjoying her new bed:

I also tested the sprained knee out on a short, flat run.  It hurt, but I'm still running the Rock N Roll San Antonio HM on Sunday.  Or crawling.  We shall see.  You can stalk me during the race here.

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