Monday, November 15, 2010

Unexpected obstacle

Since I'd already paid the entry fee (about a year ago) and wanted a shiny medal, I decided to mostly ignore my knee pain/swelling, squeeze into some compression tights, and run easy for the Rock N Roll San Antonio Half Marathon on Sunday.  It started nice and cool with no rain.  At about 0.75 miles, I heard a collective gasp around the bend and thought that someone must have gone down.  As I rounded the corner, I saw this

Yes, a train.  A long train. Right across the route where 28,000 or so runners were running. So, we all stopped and just waited, as runners piled up behind us.  After 3-4 minutes, the train passed and we resumed a starting shuffle, since there were now thousands of us bunched up on a 2-lane road.  Anyway, after that I continued taking it easy and, other than BAD knee pain, had a nice run.  The Kenyan (running the full marathon) beat me, but I hustled into the finish just before the second Kenyan.  So, somehow, I win!  I'm sure there will be some lovely ugly race pics from this one.

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