Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"free" pets

I have a menagerie of free pets.  Only, as I order $200 worth of heartworm and flea control (x3 months) from Australia, I realize how not free they are.  But they are amsuing.  More so than cable.

Here's Dingo with her new love, the next-door cabrito (Gwen finds him interesting, but Dingo is in love)

 And here's Simba, chilling in front of the heater.  Her favorite thing is lying on me on the couch after long runs, but this is a close second.
 And there's Vaca, who loves to run around the house and puff his tail.  For no reason whatsoever. 

The wonderful thing is that, when you surround yourself with crazies, you look pretty normal.  Not furry, not free, but normal.

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