Friday, November 26, 2010

Fear the deer!

I started off Thanksgiving with the 35th annual SARR turkey trot 4 miler.  First, I volunteered and filled 16 busses with 56 runners each, then jumped on the 17th bus to get to the start - about 15 minutes after the starting gun.  So, as I felt spectacularly fast, weaving through many, many walkers, I came upon a guy who was being treated for injuries at mile one - apparently, a DEER RAN INTO HIM!  Poor guy ended up sustaining a concussion and other injuries.

It was a nice run, otherwise, and here I am near the finish, blissfully unaware of the attack deers who were lurking about!  (I found out the cause of the guy's injuries at the finish.)

Afterward, some buddies and I got snapped by one of my favorite race reporters, ScottyDog (he's the guy in the "I Beat Cancer and Never Gave Up" shirt).  This guys actually runs more races every year than I do!

You can check out his full race report at

Afterward, I served more green beans than I think I've ever SEEN at one time - and then crashed while watching the Cowboys do the same.  Today, I hit the Seeker Ranch for some fun time with my family - including my crazy nephews.  The next two days will be equally busy, but that's kind of how it looks through the new year!

Thanks to Tom Lake and Scottydog for the pics

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