Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rock N Rollin' ugly race pics

Neither cold nor train nor knee pain nor hills stays this runner from the swift (ahem?) completion of her appointed run.

Yeah, I used to be a (military) postal worker, so I'm allowed to bastardize the creed.  I think. 

What I can definitely do is take some ugly race pics.  And here they are....

And I'm off (to get halted by a train in about 9 minutes)

 Since I'm taking it easy, I may as well pose in front of the Alamo - and in front of a guy clearly trying to make up for the train delay
 I'm not actually grabbing my left breast in this one, I don't think, but I am babying that right knee.

 And cue the crazy running chicken

 Here's a little more crazy running chicken for you - I'm about to head up the final hill right in front of Kenyan #2 (running the full)
 And DONE.  Man, my knee hurts.
 And the classic finish-line, nose blowing shot.  lovely.

 and the final pic - so that I'll have something to look at when I eventually go for a knee MRI.  But, I do have some famous friends -- here's the cover of the special marathon section of the San Antonio Express News - featuring fellow Brak Pak'ers Joe, John, and Trey in the lower left corner.

Thanks to ASI for allowing me to s-l-o-w-l-y steal pics (you can order huge ones for yourself from their website) and SA Express-News.

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