Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WARRIOR ugly race pics

My buddies, Brenda and Jenna, ran the Warrior Dash on November 21, and now offer some pics for Sally's ugly race pic consideration.

While they tried, my initial call is that they only get an honorable mention for the ugly race pics.  Nice try, but not ugly chicken enough!  However, we employ highly scientific calculations here at Sally's Ugly Race Pics, so I'm going to a booth review of the honorable mention call.
 First up - looking highly stylish, but I'll give an ugly race pic point for the warrior hats.

 Here, I'll give another ugly race pic point, since they failed to simultaneouly sludge through mud and smile while looking at the camera without falling down AT THE SAME TIME (I would have been swimming, we know this).
 This one's tough.  The herkie jump is in good form, but I'm going to give one ugly race pic point because Brenda didn't fully point her front toe while jumping over fire.
 And I'm going to have to consult with the Russian judge on the technical aspects here - okay - one ugly race pic point is awarded, since the hands were not 'feathered' in this leap.
 And another ugly race pic point for the squinting (nevermind the smoke billowing about)
 Here, I again consult with the Russian judge - who gives two ugly race pic points - 1 for no pointed toes, 1 for no feather hands - but I'm taking back one ugly race pic point for the bad-a$$ look on Jenna's face!
And here, I have to take back two more ugly race pic points, since you guys still look like FABULOUS warriors!  So after adding, subtracting, carrying a one, and taking the square root - the ruling on the field is OVERTURNED.  The combination of the pics is determined to be ugly race warrior pic worthy!

Thanks to Brightroom, Jenna, and Brenda for the pics.  I am SO running this next time!

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