Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nice Wednesday Run

I should have carried my camera.  I ran an easy run along the Riverwalk North tonight - along the way, I stopped at the boat locks and talked to the tourists in the boat - they were planning on Mexican food for dinner downtown and I gave my recommendations.  I ran into a very friendly possum on the way back - he was content to lie there until I gave him a nudge (dogs were coming).  Then, I returned to the Pearl Brewery, where I replenished my vegetable stores at the farmers market and played with the San Antonio Nature Hounds (I did not bring my hounds - they would have pushed me in the river).  And then (and then) I ordered a veggiewich at Wheelie Gourmet and, while I waited for my sandwich, watched the cop do a pretty good job at Wii bowling (on the side of the mealtruck) and listened to the band.  Surely (and don't call me Shirley) a nice run.

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