Saturday, November 13, 2010

Half marathon prep

To be honest with you, I don't really prep for half marathons.  They generally represent training runs for marathons, often with me tacking on mileage after the race, or a longer Sunday run.  But, my marathon this year is finished, and I'm a little apprehensive about running tomorrow on a very sore right knee.  I'm already dreading the slight climb up McCullough.  It goes almost up to my house, and I'm already telling myself that I will not drop out and hobble home at that point.  (Pretty pathetic - I just ran 26.2 again and I'm sweating 13.1, but that's how it's going right now.)

So, today, I hit the soon-to-be-opened Southtown Yoga Loft for a free yoga class for runners.  I had to do many modifications because my knee hurt and I am REALLY out of yoga-shape.  Here's my back before class- the one in the first white short-sleeved running shirt on top of the 'clean' pile.

It did feel good to do some hip openers and stretch some sore muscles.  Afterward, I headed to the Farmers Market at the Pearl Brewery and picked up fresh bread, produce, and tapenade.  I also hit the Wheelie Gourmet foodtruck there for a veggiewich, which was delicious. 

I was feeling very zen and relaxed and ready to get my race things together.

Until I got home - Dingo had escaped the dogroom, found the bag of trash that I MEANT to take out on my way out, and spread it all over.  Thankfully, I compost most stuff and don't eat meat, so there wasn't much yuck in there - unless you count the litter box contents I'd emptied since I was supposed to be taking the trash out. 

So much for the zen and relaxation.  But, it's cleaned up now, and it's time to finish icing my knee and getting my gear ready.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm!  I hope my knee makes it through the 13.1 without complaining too much.

For all the Rock N Rollers - have a great run!

Thanks to Southtown Yoga Loft for the pic - check out their opening in January 2011!


Kristal said...

Hi Sally, I just came across your blog! Thanks so much for posting about the studio!! Hope to see you in class again soon! Have a wonderful day!

Sally said...

Thanks, Kristal - I'll definitely be back soon!