Friday, April 24, 2009

Back to back races, take 3

Yes, I have not had much luck running back to back races in the past year. There was the sore hip and the separated shoulder. Of course, those occurred after I ran a 10k trail run in the dark, followed by a 5k/10k the next morning. I will never do that again (until July).

This rendition of the back to back races is a bit easier - and more festive. First up, Saturday night is the Fiesta Fandango run. This (about) 2.6 mile run begins in front of the Fiesta Flambeau night parade and runs the parade route - but not in the complete dark like my other foolish endeavors. So, you have nice, wide open streets, lots of fans, and the lingering smell of tacos tripas. Okay, that last part is really bad - kind of like the smell of death. But it's a fun little run with folks dressed in costume and just having a fun, Fiesta time.

After post-race icy-cold refreshments and a bit of sleep, I will then run the University of the Incarnate Word 5k Run for Brainpower (insert "you need it" joke here). This is a nice, mostly flat run around the campus north of downtown.

So, maybe I am wising up a bit and taking the back to back races a little easier. The truth is that is just when the races fell, and I am a slave to taking ugly race pics. After Sunday's race, I will take a nice, post-Fiesta nap and wait for my new fostercat to be dropped off.

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