Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fiesta Fandango

The Fiesta Fandango run is always a blast. You run the parade route, so you have plenty of fans, folks spraying you with squirt guns, and folks chowing on a turkey leg trying to figure out what this running thing is all about. Here is my ugly race pic from the finish (this is always a HOT race, especially when you get downtown, among the buildings and 10,000+ parade watchers - there is no air).

It is fun when you are running near someone who is dressed up - "you" keep getting cheers - like the beginning, when I was running next to a guy dressed as a baby - in a diaper - or here, near the end - when I was running close to the beer guy.

And these folks won the costume contest - full out wedding party (yes, they ran the race in that get-up).

Thanks to Tom Lake for the pics

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