Monday, April 27, 2009

pig flu

I have blood sugar problems which I need to address medically at some point. I am just a wuss when it comes to medical treatment. I experience serious drops in blood sugar - and I know this, which is why I just eat low GCI food throughout the day, keeping everything fairly stable. This past weekend's race - the Fiesta Fandango - always throws me for a loop, though. It starts at about 6:40, but you get there at 5ish and get back around 9ish, so there's a long period without food during which I always forget to bring snacks. Anyway, this time, I ate a HUGE enchilada meal late after the race, when I was already getting shaky, slept a bit, ran another race, ate part of an orange, then crashed again awaiting the foster cat.
So, the calorie deficit got me, apparently, because this morning, I was really feeling poor. I managed to call in, but I was stuck in bed for awhile - I started drinking sports drinks until I felt hungry. So, I'm a wuss, but I realize that I need to probably see the doc. Gosh knows, these days, it could be swine flu.

My new addition to the zoo arrived yesterday - Driver the tail-less cat. His dad (a friend of a coworker of an acquaintance) is in predeployment status and will be deployed through about December. Driver's been hanging in my study and exploring the place. Shane (the cat-daddy) said Driver doesn't really jump up on things - apparently, he's already learning bad habits around here.

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