Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ugliest race pic weekend tease

Believe you me, there will be an explosion of ugly race pics from this weekend. Unfortunately, my computer is running slowly, I am still recovering from one of my sorriest 5ks in awhile (dang pig flu), and I am trying to settle in a fostercat who will be here 9 months while his dad is in Afghanistan. So, I'm a bit weary. But I'll give you a tease.

Remember that scene in Aliens when Sigourney's stomach bursts forth with the alien baby? That's what my race bib was doing here. It, apparently, didn't like the smell of tacos tripas either. (And my head is not that big - it's one of those flower Fiesta headdress things)

Bottom line - race was good, just late afternoon/early evening run which always means blood sugar issues. So, I scarfed Mexican food upon return from the race (late evening) which made for an interesting 5k the next morning.
More ugly race pics to come - I just hear some major hissing in the study.

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