Thursday, April 16, 2009


Now that Easter's craziness is over, and all that is left from camping in the park is a bunch of cascarones confetti, it is time for Fiesta! Which, for those crazies that camped in the park, means camping under the freeway to get the best free seats for the parades. True madness - even Friday the 24th is a City holiday. Fiesta is basically a week-or-so-long party/festival/event throughout San Antonio. I usually attend several events, then avoid downtown until it is over. This year, as always, I will kick off Fiesta with the Fiesta 10k at the Missions Park on Saturday. It is a nice, flat run, and my only obstacles (other than recent lack of speed work) are approximately 8 bouncy bridges that must be carefully crossed and the oak pollen that has declared war on my sinuses.

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