Monday, April 20, 2009

Soggy Race

Asi como tu te as ido,Asi como tu me olvidas,Asi como tu la vida,Se vurla de mi, al ver que sin ti, no puedo vivir....

SLAM - I hit the snooze button at 5:30 Saturday morning. (I keep the alarm set to tejano to ensure that I do not continue to snooze through music.) Then I heard the clap of thunder and my room lit up with lightning. What a day for a race.

I figured that I would wait until 7:00 to see what the weather did and, after 'convincing' the dogs to go outside in the rain, then chasing mud dogs into their room, I hit the road for Mission County Park. By the time I arrived, there were blue skies and low pollen counts!

So, the course was soggy, and there were still a few raindrops around, but the Mission 10k was a nice run. The bouncy bridges were even worse, since wet wood is never a good running surface, but I managed to stay upright. It was definitely a nice way to start off Fiesta!

Yep -#488 is scared, very scared!

Post race festivities - with Joan and Carolyn (they didn't run, but you can't tell since they got soaked at set up, while I was still in bed)
Thanks to Tom Lake for the pics (and Carolyn). Thanks to Los Tigres del Norte for the lyrics and waking me up on Saturday.

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