Thursday, April 30, 2009

Of pigs and sun and rain

Well, they are closing down entire school districts here due to the virus formerly known as swine flu. But the races go on. Saturday morning, I will be running the Run on the Sun 5k, as part of "Solar Fest - The Festival that's Off the Grid."

The buzz: Run from Maverick Park to the Pearl Brewery (soon to be the largest solar installation in Texas) and back! About Solar San Antonio - We are non-profit advocacy and resource center dedicated to renewable and sustainable energy applications. Through community outreach, we strive to decrease energy costs and improve the quality of life in South Texas.

Afterward, treats and 'green' exhibits, including a place to recycle your old running shoes and donate clothes. I like this event already. Of course, the irony of situation is that it will likely rain on the Solar Fest.

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