Monday, February 9, 2009

Back to Back Races

Since the last two weekends were back-to-back race-free, this weekend involves back-to-back races. On Friday night, I'll take on the Cupid nighttime trail 10k. Then, after a veggie burger and a beer (or two), I'll try the Bird Lover's 10k Saturday morning. Last time I ran the nighttime trail run as Los Chupacabras in July, I fell on my butt/hip and was hurting for the race the next morning. Last February, when I ran the Bird Lover's, I got an attack of some type of bird flu and was wheezing into the finish - and the very enthusiastic medics put me on oxygen. Those aren't very good omens but, alas, I will still try to complete both. Here's a picture from last year's Bird Lover's - before the bird flu.

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