Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

I took both dogs out to the Prickly Pear 10m/50k trail run. Since I injured my shoulder, I have tried to handle them one at a time - and it takes two arms to walk two dogs and two arms to walk Gwen the pitoodle. So, I don't like math, but that's more arms than I have fully available at this time.

Well, the dogs and I once again volunteered at water stop #1. They had a blast checking out the multitude of 10 mile runners (of which I planned to be one) and those crazies that ran 31 miles on the trails on which I have now fallen twice (albeit in the dark). They even were able to bark at a 'herd' of deer that came through.
So, we did not leave the park until almost 3 pm, and I did not end up traveling to Austin for Jayne's show. But I kind of looked like the dogs after we got home:

Gwen 'couched' out. I kind of missed having a couch when I wanted to also take a nap.

Dingo, the ever-vigilant, never sleeping stray.

Sunday, I made it out to see my 11 y/o cousin, Brooke, in her first English riding show (she's done other shows, but this was the first competitive one). The age groups for riding are HUGE - 11-17. So, yikes, she was the youngest. Her first ride was good, but cautious. Second ride (after falling off the horse during a practice run right before performance) was even better. It just amazes me to see 'small' kiddos riding (and controlling) big horseys. And she informed me that she has narrowed it down to two names for the animal rescue facility we will run after she is graduated from college. I'm guessing I'll need to work some more overtime to fund that.
** note: no animals were harmed in this blog. Unless Brooke yelled at the horse that dumped her, but, by her dad's account, she got up, brushed the dust off, and said "my fault."

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