Monday, March 16, 2009

Safety Alert

I am not as vigilant as I should be when I run. I used to run by myself, in the park, sometimes in the dark with headphones, and even "witnessed" a stabbing - although I didn't notice until a cop stopped me for a statement. I am better now and run with other folks about half of the time. But I still tend to zone out when running by myself. Of course, a guy jumped out of a soup kitchen line to grab my hand and a homeless gentleman stopped me mid-stride to compliment me on my appearance in the past year - before I noticed and while I was running with someone. So, I can and should be more vigilant. Especially since this was reported down the street - where I just ran this evening (alone but in the light):

In Olmos Park on McCollough near Panchito’s restaurant, the Olmos Park city manager reports, "a resident was assaulted last night in Olmos Park while jogging, and the attacker attempted to abduct her. The resident successfully fought the suspect and managed to break free. Another resident was passing by and called 911. He was able to provide a description of the suspect and his vehicle. The Olmos Park Police Department arrived at the scene and apprehended the suspect as he attempted to flee the location. The victim and the attacker had no known connection. The suspect was charged with attempted aggravated kidnapping and was booked into jail. The victim suffered minor scrapes in the event.We are posting a reminder ... to advise residents to use the buddy system when walking or jogging at night. We will also encourage them to call 911 and report any suspicious persons or vehicles."

I guess it's time to carry the pepper spray and cell phone - or increase the Gwen the pit bull's mileage.

Thanks to Carroll Voss for the story

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