Saturday, March 21, 2009

Return of the Crazy Chicken

This morning, I ran the Spurs/CASA 5k. It was crowded (1,100 preregistered) and not very scenic (around the AT&T Center), but it was for a good cause. I haven't done much speed work lately and haven't run a 5k in a long time, so my finish time was not great. But my finish pose? Pure crazy chicken. I'm not sure how I take pictures like this, with chicken wings, since I don't run like this. My excuse is that my shoulder is still healing, so I am a little hunched up. And at least I beat that stroller guy?!

Afterward, I headed up to Leon Springs, where a running buddy of mine was selling heirloom vegetable plants. (She's a former nun and founding President and CEO of ACCION Texas, now the largest micro-lending organization in the country.) I was just going to go buy some vegetable plants from her from the Santuario Sisterfarm, but there was actually a full farmer's market, too. (The one near me does not open until May.) So, I was able to purchase excellent vegetables there today, as well as the heirloom veggie plants. Tomorrow, I burrow through the mucho compost I have and plant the well-loved plants! I am pretty sure if nuns grow them organically, they can only produce the best veggies.

Thanks to IAAP for the chicken pic

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