Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Prickly Pear Pics

Here are some pics from our super Fiesta aid station

Brenda and Joan with our super pooper

Me looking cross for no apparent reason - probably the dogs

aid station mascots Dingo the Stray Dutch Shepherd and Gwen the Pitoodle - Shultz (Brenda's dog) was also there in all his shy glory

Aid Station #1 crew: Joan, Pete, Jenna, Me, Brenda, and Roche (with our other mascots - Madelynne -on back- and Mason)

The wind was strong - my fiesta head thingy kept blowing off.

And just how tough that race (10m/50k trail) was - glad my separated shoulder and I decided not to run it!
Thanks to Jenna for the pics!

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