Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dingo Diagnosed?

I have been trying to figure out what kind of dog Dingo the Stray is - I have been calling her a "shepherd mix." My Mom thought she looked like one of the wild dogs she saw in Africa. Well, my friend, Jenna the dogwhisperer, thinks she may be a Dutch Shepherd. I guess that's like a German Shepherd who likes coffee houses, funny brownies, and tulips.
Really, here is Dingo the Stray:

And Cheetah, world champ Dutch Shepherd:

Pretty close, I think. Incidentally, Cheetah is a large/light brindle coloured Dutch Shepherd. She is the #1 Dutch Shepherd in Canada in the North American Flyball Association. She is the only Dutch Shepherd in the Canadian Disc Dog Association. Cheetah loves performing with the Eukanuba Superdogs and in her spare time enjoys lounging on the couch. Cheetah has earned her Flyball Grand Champion title this year. Cheetah – Dutch Shepherd, born 2002.

I guess that explains why she's wearing sweatbands. Now, I'm going to have to coach Dingo so we can knock Cheetah out of the #1 Flayball spot!
Thanks to PawzieTraction for Cheetah's action shot

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