Monday, March 30, 2009

Next ups

There was a small 5k this past weekend at one of my alma maters - St. Mary's University. I could not find the information/flyer online though, so I just ran a nice 10-miler with buddies on Sunday. I always like running this route - through Brackenridge Park, along the golfcourse, downtown, past El Mercado, part of the riverwalk (the linear park area - not by the bars), through King William District, back through downtown, past the Alamo, and back up to the park. But not really up - it's a nice, flat route that has plenty of hotel waterstops and stretches about 10 miles.

If only I could have completed my normal long(er) run routine: run long, eat heartily, and crash on couch for 1-2 hours. I remain couch-less. The dogs continue to snicker at me from what is now their couch in their room. Fear not, however, the new couch is finally due to arrive tomorrow - sometime between 10 and 2 so that I have to take the WHOLE DAY off to accept delivery. I love that. But then, I will crash on my couch to make up for Sunday!

Next up:

Every year, I claim that I will not be running this race the following year. But every year I run it, because the cause and the vibe of the race are wonderful. It's the $40+ entry, $10 parking, and 29,999 other people in my way that are not so wonderful. But I will save my complaining for after Saturday's race, just to give everyone something to anticipate! Presumably, after I indulge in a bit o' couch napping.

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