Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekend madness

I won't be running any races this weekend, but I also apparently won't be resting much.

Tomorrow night is the First Friday cruiser bike ride through Southtown (with beverage stops). Saturday, I had planned to run the Prickly Pear 10 mile trail run, but decided that a potential fall may be a bad idea in my shoulder rehabilitation plan. So, I'll be volunteering at Water Stop #1 with the dogs. This run is also a 50k, so it'll be a long, but fun, day. Hopefully, not too long, because I'm going to try to hit Jayne's exhibit in Austin, then hit the sack. Sunday is my cousin's horse show (she's apparently riding the most ornery horse) and then I rest - for real.

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Teecycle Tim said...

Hey, I'll (sort of) be in your neck of the woods next week. I'm going to SXSW. First time in Austin. Anything I need to check out while I'm there?