Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yet another nemesis

Yes, I have more nemeses than Batman. And this one isn't even a person.

When I first arrived in San Antonio, I wondered why there was a football stadium on the East side of the city, when there was no professional football team?! It turns out that there has been quite the drama surrounding this facility, involving an esteemed county judge, San Antonio resident/former Vikings owner 'Red' McCombs, the New Orleans Saints, and many, many other plotlines. Little did I know when I first drove into town, however, that the Alamodome would become my nemesis.

Last year, I was training for the Dallas marathon with folks who were training for the New York marathon; so our mileage, at times, differed. The way I added mileage on long runs was to 'run the dome,' since once around the dome (the long way) is 1 mile. Man, I was sick of that Dome.

This year, we're training for the same marathon, so I haven't had to run Dome-laps, but Saturday's 15 miles included the lap 'round the Dome. And my hip was hurting and I was nauseous. And I still don't like that nemesis Dome.

So, a day after the 15-miler and I'm off to get a massage in the hope that it alleviates the hip pain and helps me to avoid the MRI and PT that are probably needed. For now, I'm blaming it on the Alamodome.

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